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    Theosophy - general questions

    Yes, both those books have been used to justify war. Greetings Jenn, I remember back in the 90s there were folk that put forward the idea that race didn't exist, that it was a "social construct". Then advancements were made in DNA testing and the race concept was back bigger than ever. We can...
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    The Devil Card

    Just for the record, Valentin Tomberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia was a Catholic when he wrote those words. The quote comes from his book Meditations on the Tarot which is considered by Harper Collins to be one of the 100 best spiritual books of the 20th century. AbeBooks: 100 Best...
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    The Hardships Christians Face in Turkey

    Patriarch Bartholomew Feels "Crucified" - 60 Minutes - CBS News Surely the European community should be outraged at this.
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    Mani-Apostle of Jesus Christ

    Manicheism is Ming Jiao in China- a name that gave title to the famous "Ming" dynasty. Jin Yong (Real name: Louis Cha) wrote a novel: Tales of the Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Sabre which has been turned into Kung Fu TV and movies. The story contains protagonists which belong to a Manichean...
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    Mani-Apostle of Jesus Christ

    Here is the wiki on Terebinthus Terebinthus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Terebinthus (also Terebinthus of Turbo [1]) was the pupil of Scythianus, during the 1st-2nd century CE, according to the early Christian writer Cyril of Jerusalem." Father Mani met his martyrdom in Gondeshapur (or...
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    My Top Threads= Reincarnation

    That idea of the Eternal Cycles is an Indian one. So yes, even the planet reincarnates - we have Pralaya and a Manvantara- Cosmic Sleep and Wake Up time. There is one giant clock by the bedside. It's a wonderful doctrine, reincarnation I mean. I take it for granted. I often think ahead to my...
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    Theosophy - Open Discussion

    Avi, I have read all three of those books by Goodrick-Clarke- I got them on an inter-library loan - and got a dirty look from the librarian. Those Ariosophists (Listians) were put in concentration camps. Even today, I know that there are Black Magicians who study HPB- they don't get their...
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    Theosophy - Open Discussion

    Greeting Avi, I see you have been reading a student paper. Was it a pass or fail?:) Great White Brotherhood is not a term I recall HPB ever using. It's used like White Magic and Black- nothing to do with races. As to academic papers, I suggest again you read the books of Nicholas...
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    Theosophy - Open Discussion

    Nick, you'd be right at home in the Pasadena Society, or maybe even the ULT- no Leadbeater on the bookshelf at either of those. I have visited the rooms of all three societies. I've even entertained the present leader of one in my own home. Despite his faults (Leadbeater's), the society had...
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    Theosophy - Open Discussion

    Hi Janz, Blavatsky didn't use the term "Ascended Masters" (and I don't think Leadbeater did). That arose from Ballardism Psychic Dictatorship in America A great factional book on the Thule is- -From wikipedia
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    Probably Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology is the best one-stop shop for the information seeker. The biography of L. Ron by Russel Miller is there - Bare-Faced Messiah.
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    My Top Threads= Reincarnation

    I think conditions in the world will definitely improve as we see more and more accepting reincarnation and karma. And the Christian world is catching up in this direction. If you read the polls, there are increasing numbers of believers who hold that reincarnation is possible- despite what...
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    My Top Threads= Reincarnation

    Dear Companions, I was checking out which of my threads (from a couple of years ago) had had the most views; and the winner by a long shot was one on reincarnation: With 10,107 views, this must be something that people...
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    Jews as Chosen People: A Theosophical Perspective

    Hi Avi, This proves that anyone can write what they like on a wikipedia page. It is not a quote from HPB. If we look around us today we see that Western culture is the dominant culture. American English is the dominant cultural language, and the American culture has spread around the world via...
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    Theosophical History

    For those interested in the 134 year old history of the theosophical movement, there is no better resource than this website Theosophical History The Theosophical History magazine is in its 23rd year and is now headed by Dr. James Santucci who is ably assisted by a brilliant team of academics...