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  • Thanks. They are both rescued dogs so it's tricky to say 100% what breed they are. Ellie is definately a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with another type of terrier. Chester is an English Bull Terrier crossed with something else. Ellie is 3-4 years old Chester is 1 year & 5 months old.
    :) Thanks for the welcome, belated or not. And no, I don't even own a camera lol. I just save any pic I see that I like, so Ive got a huge folder of 'em. I see you like Cricket!!! I used to play a lot, except for this summer, which sux. To tell you the truth, my team (Pakistan) is so bad rite now that I even stopped watching cricket. No motivation at all. Ever since we lost to Ireland in the world cup... ..... TO IRELAND !!! OMG... on St. Patty's day no less.... oh the embarrasment.
    Greetings, Greymare! I have two female Congo African greys (Indie & Holly), a very old sweet bonded pair of cockatiels (Angel & Lily), and one very sassy amazing little Senegal girl named Cosmo who will be 11 years old on Nov. 11th.

    Would love to hear about your birds!
    oh, me? Im fantastic. LOL. Everything about life is great and I have never been so happy. I could go on for ages about it, but i think i would get on everyones nerves. LOL.
    hi grey. I haven't been around much lately. Life is pretty.... ordinary. How about you? How's the grey?
    Yo grey, I pm'd Q got tickets for football this weekend, you two up for it?
    Thanks Greymare. My mom did actually make a few prints that she put up around her home. I don't have any of them around my home though. Most of them are from the Blue Hills in Massachusetts near where I grew up. The waterfall is from upstate NY near New Palz.
    lol, thanks dream and juan23. Ive had a chinese buffet, (man was it good) and panera bread (awesome) also had lunch at the Buckeystown pub(tht hit the spot),also had lunch at the TrolleyStop at Ellicott City, (freaking awesome place and fantastic food) and today we are off to Detroit so who knows what gastronomic delights await me there. LOL. I love this place.
    Make sure you eat at a smorgasboard while you're here. Golden Corral's are fairly common. Don't let the Marylandrs bully you into eating those tiny blue crabs, either.
    Hi grey, glad to hear you landed safely here and are in Josh's good care. I hope your stay is wonderful! That's neat about the luna moth. I've only seen them alive and 'in the wild' on two occasions, both around the same time while living in upstate NY. My first and last encounters, and I've been mesmerized by them since. In fact, I think I will be a luna moth for the church Halloween party!
    yeah, Leo. This is the best. LOL. Maybe its the place Im staying at or the company Im keeping, but this is like heaven on earth. An old cliche but soooooooooo true. LOL.
    why in the world anyone would want to visit us is beyond my comprehension. oh well. nah, just kidding, grey. is it your first time here?
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