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  • hiya:) No not tired but sad it is over. Had a truly wonderful time there. I have pics on comp but re-sizing them is a hassle for me. I will try tho!! Also will only put in my own "friends only area" so keep an eye out there.
    You must be getting excited about your trip. I want you to check in with me though when you arrive and regularly after. Or else I will worry a lot!!

    David xx
    13days and ill be in the northern hemisphere...... woooo hooo. Hurricane Ike???? nah, here comes Cyclone Tracy (1974?) lolololol
    do I have to remind all you lot that is YOU who are upside down, and we here are doing fine. LOL.
    Building up your friend's list? I noticed that since the site change I send a friend invite to someone who's not been here for a while the system emails them!
    Thanks greymare! (It's an outlet for my 'interior design' urges. My father and grandfather always said, "oh, she's nesting again." :eek: )
    hey grey! greymare world eh? ;-) does this mean you do not see the world in black and white?
    lol, dont forget guys there is a difference between messages and private messages. LOL
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