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Dec 11, 2013
    1. seattlegal
      Now you don't have to look at the pink. {At least I'm not changing my avatar.} :P
    2. dauer
      It's okay, Dream. I joke all the time and often don't get when other people are joking.
    3. dauer
      :O I just realized what the view conversation button allows me to do.
    4. Dondi
      Cool. this is kinda a neat feature. I didn't notice until now 'cause I rarely view my profile. I'm in for some customization of my own.
    5. GlorytoGod
      wow very creative
    6. seattlegal
      OK, I won't change my avatar.
    7. Bellator
      yeah! another star trek avatar!
    8. seattlegal
      Feel free to post your vBulletin site findings over on the Interfaith.org Cyberspace Interior Design social group.
    9. greymare
      oooh now thats cool.
    10. greymare
      cool. messge board, dream. very cool.
    11. seattlegal
      Hey Dream, I see you found the neferchichi site, and came up with your own theme. (No canopic jars, eh?) :)
    12. seattlegal
      I'll have to e-mail you the images and the coding. Or, you can find what you need here, under the backgrounds and boarders link. Are you sure you want canopic jars? They've got them.
    13. YO-ELEVEN-11
      What comic was that?
    14. seattlegal
      You are a bit of a fragile, shaky jar yourself? Aren't we all? {I'm glad that you are looking out for the shakier jars. :) I was going to offer to put together an Egyptian style theme featuring canopic jars for your profile page after reading your post, but I wouldn't want to risk tipping over a shaky jar. :o }
    15. farhan
      Hey there,

      We live on opposite sides of the planet. So when you say "Good afternoon", here its "The sun is going to rise soon". Hehe...
    16. Thomas
      Talking of historic ...

      ... I visited Houston once, on a business trip. At lunch, a woman there was saying her house was quite old, built over twenty years ago! I burst out laughing, and when she asked why, I said the car I drove was older than that — 27 years old in fact ... our house, which is a terrace house, is over 120 years old, I think.

      The car was a 1967 Daimler 2.5lt V8 ... sadly gone now, but oh, I do love the burble of a V8 motor!

      I rode a 125cc Yamaha for 4 years, and then decided to go up. It was between a Honda CBR600, and a Triumph TT600 — one supposedly an all-rounder, the other a sports bike. I was to test drive one to a showroom in London, and swap it for the other (same dealer network).

      Halfway through my trip I was terrified of the CBR — it's so forgiving, so neutral, I had no idea if I was riding well or badly, if I was being cautious or stupid. By the time I got to the other showroom, I was ready to drop the bike off, get a bus home, and stay with the 125. As I pulled up, a mechanic was wheeling the Triumph out to meet me.

      The garage was on a major, and I mean major, intersection at a bridge on the River Thames, and this was traffic on a Saturday afternoon, and I wasn't really sure of the local road layout. I was too chicken to tell the guy I was chicken, so I got on the Triumph, and paddled out into the traffic ... 30 seconds later ... I absolutely loved it!

      A different machine ... it rumbled and creaked and clattered ... it spoke to you, and left you in no doubt about what it thought of your riding skills, and their need for improvement. Maybe just as forgiving as the Honda, but wouldn't let a mistake pass without taking the p*ss!

      Sadly, finances rules, and I ended up with a Honda Hornet, which I enjoy immensely, but I would like something a tad more, ah, anti-social ... a bit more throat in the exhaust (a triumph triple as opposed to the hum of a Honda 4) ... one day.

    17. Thomas
      It's a painting I found off Google, of St Peter's in Rome, from across the river. Of course, I should be on the same bank as St Peter's, but I like it.
    18. Quahom1
      Just the school of hard knocks, Dream. ;-)
    19. Thomas
      Hi Dream —

      Thanks for the invite. Just clocked your profile. You a biker? I'm staring out of the window, wondering whether to borrow my daughter's little Nissan again, or throw a leg over my Honda (Hornet 600) ... 22 miles to work ... it's not rainin' ...

      How 'bout motors? Last night was the end of season bash at a very famous cafe here in N London — The Ace Cafe — so it's Hot Car Night ... Large selection of American muscle from a Caddy the size of a football field to a handful of chopped Model-Ts with 5-600 cube blocks! (inc. 2 gorgeous Dodge Chargers), bikes, bikes and more bikes ... oh, and the Waltons here en masse in their PickUps ... loads of tweaked UK metal ...

      A 50s style R'n'B band, and outside, burnouts and donuts up and down the road.

      Old bikers never die, it seems, they turn up with their chicks at the Ace Cafe ... it's a real timeshift night.

      Catchya later ...
    20. lunamoth
      Hi Dream, In reply to your post on my page, yes I was raised Episcopalian, drifted away for many years, had an awakening and became a Baha'i for five years, then returned four years ago to the Episcopal Church. I really like my church and glad you have a positive interaction with a 'Piskey.' ;-)
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    I have done PC work as well as construction. I have an associates degree in Science, & have read the NIV Bible.

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