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Dec 11, 2013
    1. 17th Angel
    2. Ahanu
      hey, how's it going? anything new happening in the interfaith forums?
    3. nativeastral
      hey dream sounds like a good movie..this poor cat is matted with being outside all the time cos the dog rules the house n that animal has been moulting all summer, could've knitted a jumper by now! my son made the picture ..its 'prepare for the fluffy future' which is her name but may also be a game name.
    4. seattlegal
      I like dark chocolate, too. :)
    5. Sancho
      Thanks for seeing something in haiku.
    6. Snoopy
      I agree; different posters bring different interests. I was directed here by sg from an unmoderated free for all that has since gone kaput. In my ignorance I thought I was an atheist. I think the intolerance of a real atheist helped me to realise that I am not. Now I am ignorant in another way!!! Not really on here much any more of late but call round occasionally to see if there's any snacks been left for me...
    7. Snoopy
      Hi there!! How's it going?
    8. NiceCupOfTea
      Schmot I dont get it, what does it mean ?
    9. Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
      Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
      No, it's a "walking Panzer". Hum-Vee = totalled under one of these mechas.

      Best way to understand what they are is to watch/play _Front Mission_ video games (my guys are from _Front Mssion 3_.)

      Here's a link to the Wikipedia page (it gives you an idea what the wanzer looks like [kinda]: Front Mission 3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )
    10. seattlegal
      Ortega | Products - Chilies
    11. greymare
      they still are crazy about their blue crab. I havent tried it yet tho, Ive been busy tasting everything else. LOL
    12. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Oh no, I agree, Keep the nukes in the silos... Or scrap um... Would be better, I despise how our human destructive nature has clashed with technology :/ Devistating.
    13. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      The weak die? That isn't truly accurate... Cause, we all die, strong, weak, humble, proud... We'll meet our fate together.
    14. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      " Why destroy a religion? ": You. On Tao's message board....

      Destruction of religion would be freaking awesome! It will come one day... I doubt I will be around when it does... Anyway... Dream I just wanted to give you a thought.... How much of this world claim a religion?....... :) And what is the state of this planet? No religion would be the best thing this planet ever had.
    15. Gatekeeper
      Ummm, yeah ... so I have a dream! That one day all man will unite under a common bond. Yes!! I have have a dream!! That despite our differences, we will unite as one!! Yes!! I came from the the mountain!!! The crust of Creation!! Made from clay to stone and now I'm telling everybody!!! I have a dream!!!

      Whats yours?

      p.s. delete this if you like. It seems that caffeine has got me under its spell. :D
    16. Netti-Netti
      I think it's more like light going into the head. Choice of color is almost unconscious.
    17. nativeastral
      dolphins are mammals of the sea, cows are mammals of the moon, which rules the waters, Neptune rules the waves!!
    18. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      I don't understand the question.
    19. immortalitylost
      You said meow! You totally rock!
    20. Tao_Equus
      Have been better, have been worse, but dont want to turn it into song and verse :)

      Its been pretty quiet around here dont you think? Do I need to be a bit more contraversial ?

      Hows things with you?
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    I have done PC work as well as construction. I have an associates degree in Science, & have read the NIV Bible.

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