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Dec 11, 2013
Feb 18, 2008
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Dec 11, 2013
    1. seattlegal
      Welcome to the bleeping two blip rep club. Feel free to bleep to your heart's content. :)
    2. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      *erie and twisted child like voice.*

      It's.... heeeeeeeeeeere.....
    3. DrDeb
      Hi friend -- hope you're having a good weekend! :-)
    4. c0de
      i hear that bud...

      btw, sweet verse!
    5. c0de
      Hey dude, how goes it?
    6. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      *chuckles* *shrugs* Didn't really think anyone would notice heh... Hope all's well with you :)
    7. Snoopy
      Thanks; they were a present from sg - a piscine enso!
    8. Quahom1
      A great deal of SKYPE's services are free, such as the chat and the actual video skyping. They also offer internet phone services for a nominal price. Greymare and I Skype all the time with web cams and it costs nothing, and is extremely clear.

      Yes I speak Russian and Spanish, as well as a couple of other languages.

    9. lunamoth
      Hi Dream, thank you for the drive-by hello. ;-) Hope all is well in your world. luna
    10. greymare
      lol, its 10 oclock way past your bedtime, dreamy?
    11. seattlegal
      Yikes! You don't happen to work for the King County Coroner's office, do you? (Ever hear of "the Stanley Project?") :P
      Brains And Medical Records Collected by King County - Seattle News Story - KIRO Seattle
    12. Dream
      I don't have a camera to use Skype with. Its amazing though, kind of like Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon.
    13. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      You the local poet now?

      Oh and skype blows lol...
    14. greymare
      re: skype. it is free, ive been using it every other day for a year or so now, and hasnt cost me a thing. I dont know about bandwidth or anything, but it hasnt interfered with anything for me. I LOVE skype. lol
    15. Dream
      No kiddin', in fact the man has stuck his foot in his mouth more than once. Don't mind though, since everything in here is a simulation. This is all a learning experience, training, training, training.
    16. seattlegal
      No need to. The man is sticking it to himself.
    17. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Alrighty then!!! I'll make that just after I've finished making my dancing one!
    18. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      You want me to animate my character "puppit"? Sure I can do that... What we talking about here though, blinking? Rolling? Side to side? Evil demonic poessession? I can actually make the entire character move... Heck, I could make him dance!
    19. Ahanu
      Hey Dream, where are you from in North Carolina? I live near the University of North Carolina at Pembroke . . .

      Holla back!
    20. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Teh Punish0r, here to serve and protect the citizens that deserve it ;)
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    Eastern USA
    Mobile Phone User
    I have done PC work as well as construction. I have an associates degree in Science, & have read the NIV Bible.

    collecting books, giving them away