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  • It's true, I couldn't resist, and not just to spruce up my page, which is actually more ghettofied than spruced. Anyhow, I just violated my 1 post a week rule... but still trying to stay out of the fray.
    No, I just love Penguins! Love watching them at the aquarium and watching programmes about them. Oh yeah, and they are well cute! Why are you called Dream? Also curious!
    Hey, it looks like you've been busy checking out all of the new forum options, Dream. :D
    Have you found any glitches we should know about?
    (Oh, when your post count reaches 666, will you use the custom title option to change your title to "The Beast?") :p
    Sorry, didn't mean to upset anyone. I thought it was a legitimate question. But the thread is gone.


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