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  • Apple cobbler w/ cinnamon ice cream or fresh apple dumplings w/ aforementioned cinnamon ice cream.

    Do you agree that's better?

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    tag back, whatever that means...

    It seems you've been more prolific lately....I've been enjoying the reading and contemplation.
    Haha! You're it! I'm laughing at you now, because you've been it for the past eighteen days!
    No, I did not create the event, but, nonetheless, it was an event near you. No mention of "Baha'i" in it.
    Well, I sent a link to you on facebook a couple of weeks ago about it! You missed it.
    Thanks for turning me on to Digger, finished reading it a couple of days ago. I'm impressed by the author/artist, bright woman.
    Sometimes I am jealous of your brain, but don't worry that I might take it from you. I wouldn't know how to use it!
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