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  • lol, Happy New Year, Dream! :p

    (Am I a gorgeous purple painting, or are you confusing me with someone else?)
    In the book The Art of Programming with Visual Basic, Mark Warhol says "...I myself used to write such drivel. I look at the first application I did and feel quite ashamed..." which is how I feel about some of the old posts I've made in the past. These were a learning experience, and I hope that my more recent posts are also learning experiences but at a more refined level.
    lol, river is just fine, thank you Dream. and yes, the tents are down, and the grass is starting to grow back.. (so much foot stomping!!!)
    I was gonna add to the other post but didn't see and edit thingy! Thanks Dream I don't take things too personally these days especially on forums! Have a good day :)
    yeah it's about your username. Interesting view on reality. The inside and outside? Actually recently I have wanted to disappear from the wider reality in which I found myself, create a new one and become a new and different person. It involved cutting myself off from people I had known for years. I didn't want to be found. I wanted to destroy my old life and create a new one. I wanted to adopt a new identity. Salt becoming pepper, Dream becoming reality, reality becoming dream, pepper becoming salt.
    hey, do you have facebook? we can keep in better touch on there. message me a link if you do.

    Yeah, it's one of the most interesting posts I've read surrounding the resurrection and ascension narratives.
    I had forgotten about posting that. Thanks for reminding me. It is post 174028

    A note about it: Since posting it I have come to understand that Ezekiel is a very complex work that is meant to be studied for years as an exercise in communing with Torah. It isn't something understood through casual reading or by someone saying 'This is what it means.' Apparently you need a guide to pass on the spirit along with the reading and have to really burn some brain cells on it. I'm focused on other things right now and probably could not convince anybody to spend that kind of time on me, since it isn't a life focus for me. Still, the idea of the 500 is kind of cool
    hey, i remember reading a post from you about the symbol of the "500" witnesses of jesus' resurrection. could you find this for me? do you remember posting about this?
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