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    CONCEPT OF GOD IN Islam and Hinduism

    When I came across Hinduism through Yoga and other practice and reading, I was lucky enough to learn about Brahman (The Absolute) and Atman (which some Christians might interpret as 'soul'). Vedanta seemed to be a very comprehensive philosophy. However no 'teachings' or holy book claim to have...
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    "This place is dangerous for trying to find truth"

    Truth. After being brought up and educated in Christian (C of E) schools, I came across other religions as a 15 year old. Soon after that the label 'seeker after Truth' might have been applied, as I practised Yoga and investigated Theosophy, Vedanta and Buddhism among other ideas. Luckily, at...
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    Spiritual Solution for Tensions and Anxiety

    ********************************************************* Tension is part of life. Anxiety is a different matter. Without tension, perhaps we would achieve little. Excessive tension should not arise if we solve problems that are within our control. If the tension is caused by other people's...
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    Interfaith as a Faith

    I wonder whether there is a better word than Interfaith? When studying most of the non-Abrahamic religions I have not found that belief or faith is necessarily part of them. It seems to me that those who depend on one holy book or one founder may require 'faith' to believe. The practice of...
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    Drugs and spirituality

    It seems to me safer to calm the mind with meditation and contemplation. Even restricting food, as in fasting, seems a fairly safe thing to do ( probably good for our health as well!) In all the above, your experiences might be said to be genuine, whether you call it spiritual or not. Taking...
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    World Peace & Removal of Terrorism

    Can you tell me a genuine difference between War and Terrorism? It appears to me to be a matter of viewpoint. If you are part of a country/coalition that believes you are 'right' you may use, as is happening in Afganistan, rockets and bombs and troops in war. In the process you not only blast...