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    Is There a Need for Interfaith Forums?

    Not really. The libs have it all figured out, and according to them everybody else can just go to hell.
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    Innocence vs drag queens

    So in other words you cannot address the content...because you can't. Because you can't, you dodge and change the subject and try to put the focus anywhere but on the subject at hand. Typical. Interesting. Just last week you told me men could not get pregnant, I see you've changed your...
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    A Letter to Liberals

    The smug condescension is seriously bullcrap. Libs only believe in Freedoms if those Freedoms agree with their point of view, all others must be forcibly shut down by any means possible. And you wonder why this site has dropped off? What room is there for discussion? I'll save you the...
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    knowing tomato is a fruit is knowledge, knowing not to put tomato in a fruit salad is wisdom"

    knowing tomato is a fruit is knowledge, knowing not to put tomato in a fruit salad is wisdom"
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    Archbishop Vigano

    Maybe because Thump, Hump, Jump, Bump is living rent free in so many liberal minds they just can't help themselves...
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    Archbishop Vigano

    Uteruses make decisions over penises on a daily basis. Fair play is fair the name of equality.
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    Archbishop Vigano

    Abortion is ALWAYS life threatening to the infant.
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    Archbishop Vigano

    Strange, the only person killed that day was a woman 12 year veteran of the US Air Force shot by a Capitol policeman, and the next day a policeman had a heart attack which somehow gets construed as part of Jan 6 But no mention whatsoever of the 500 plus RIOTS (mostly peaceful protests as the...
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    Archbishop Vigano

    Yeah, I did a paper on Rowe v Wade in my Medical Law and Ethics class. My prof didn't like my conclusion, but she could not argue with my reasoning. She took me aside and asked me to tone down my paper before presenting in class. I too, am sorry for your loss. It is a callous person who...
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    Archbishop Vigano

    And your scientific argument is not a moral one. So? Given the choice, what is science without morals? Heartless. What are morals without science? Mindless. Neither stands alone. There is much more to being human than science can begin to answer, and even when it tries sometimes those...
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    Archbishop Vigano

    It was *tenuously* based on a woman's right to privacy, nothing more. Even Justice Ruth B Ginsberg (a liberal darling) noted how tenuous Rowe was...of course, that isn't noted in the current furor. This administration has done nothing right, so the only shiny object they have to hold out to...
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    My favorite clown to this day, is Red Skelton But wil is a close second... ;)
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    "Black holes have hair"

    Black holes have hair...and they are pink inside. ;) :D
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    What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

    Recently (re)watched A Man called Horse, Return of a Man called Horse, and Triumph of a Man called Horse (Dumbledore was an adopted Native American long before he was headmaster at Hogwarts, and he was King Arthur before that) Man called Horse is still a classic Return of a Man called Horse...
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    Any anti vax/mask/virus hoaxers here?

    And following the previous note...Pfizer now wants everyone to get a 4th shot. <sarcasm>Wow, didn't see that coming...</sarcasm> A 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine will be needed, Pfizer's CEO says, but the company is working on a shot to handle all variants - CNN