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    On scriptural interpretation

    Thomas, You cited the parable of the mustard seed, (Mark 4:31-32) and the quote of (Kitab Al Fasl, pt.2 p.55) a known teacher of refuting the Scriptures of the N.T. The parallel to Mark 4:31, is Matt. 13:31-32, and Luke 13:18-19, but read Mark 4:33-34; "With many similar parables Jesus...
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    Most accurate Translation of Daniel's 70 weeks

    InChristAlways, I'd like to provide some insight to Daniels background. Daniel is more connected to Jesus, then the mention of Daniel, in Matt. 24, and the message of Seventy weeks. Turn to Matt. 1:11, Josiah, the father of Jeconiah and his brothers ! go to; 2Ch. 36: 1-9 and read. Now...
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    Jewish End Times prophecies..

    I, Brian, Jesus Christ, is a Son of David, the Anointed of God, His Son. There are Jews for Jesus, too ! Like Adam we are sons of God also ! I'm, ben Oddo
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    Jewish End Times prophecies..

    Ha, ha, Ha-Rav, Spoken like a true stiffneck. Sorry if I got a little to prophetic, but you were talking about political realities, the statehood of Israel was and is a prophetic reality. Who are you to change the appointed times of God? Let a lone see them coming, and 'Yes', even...
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    Most accurate Translation of Daniel's 70 weeks

    From what you asked above, it seems you are doing a word for word, literal translation. And are using Key #'s, of Strongs (?) What Bible version? The best translation you can get, is from your own of the original Hebrew as written by Daniel, during 539 B.C. , being the Hebrew without the...
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    Jewish End Times prophecies..

    The Prophecies point to Israels 69 week, which we are soon to enter into. God's Plan, in a Week of Seven Thousand Years, where in the middle of the Week, the Law was given. After the first 3500 years. The last Half of God's Plan and the End Times, as reflected in the Law, where 70 periods...
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    Jesus Christ, he will return?

    But we can not forget one thing, the 10 tribes that were carried off, and scattered accross Asia, Europe, would become as numerous as the sands of the sea. And over the course of 3500 years lost sight of that fact, whether they lived in Russia, Sweden, Italy, Iran, or as far away as North...
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    Did the Jews kill Jesus?

    Spoken like a true Roman Catholic. But maybe you should start reading all of God's Word, before you judge what is correct and what is not, or is a contradiction. Because you would know, God knew his choosen people, would kill His son, when He formed Adam from the earth, and when He told...
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    Is Prophecy dead?

    Peace! Remember Jesus said, "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, untill heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by an means disappear from...
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    Whose Dna did Jesus have?

    If Adam is a Biological male, then any Y or X chromosomes he had, came from God. Then again maybe one of these days, with a long enough swab, you could get a sample for yourself, or ask, if you dare. }}}}poof{{{{ best wishes, ben Oddo
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    Is Prophecy dead?

    Brian, Then what a the Gifts for? Or the Comforter? Do we nullify what Jesus promised, with general perceptions? Do you truly believe, revelation to man is only through the Head of the churches on earth? Or is it given to man or men, in the end times, before the return of Christ our...
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    Did Christianity begin as an End of the World cult?

    Susma, shalom, Oy Vay! Let me know how things turn out for you! If you need a Dentist, I know a good one, a cousin of mine. link: or peace ben Oddo
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    Literacy in the time of Jesus

    Brian, The link would not work for me, but in any case. (no pun intended) In this computer age, is it any wonder that longhand penmenship is a lost art. Have you seen a prescription written by a doctor lately? Or a term paper by a student in longhand.? How many scholars today, know...
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    Did Christianity begin as an End of the World cult?

    Skeptic44, I'm amazed at your questions, in this thread. You are truly a skeptic, for all your knowledge of Scripture, and still seek understanding. What of the world around you? Do you see and not understand? God Almighty, reveals his plan to mankind, all through Scripture. Read in Lev...
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    Did Jesus Have a family?

    My Dear sister, Know and understand, there are no "stupid questions", as any teacher will afirm, when asked with a pure heart. If a teacher can't reply, he'll tell you he will seek it out, and give you a reply. If you seek, with all your heart, and all your mind, you will find !. Pray and...