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  1. Janz

    Bachman: "Submission" means respect

    for one thing..people like Sarah Palin and Michele the Queen B..their American Exceptionalism ie God Bless America..the Civil Religion that flows a mile wide but is an inch deep drove me crazy. I feel like the message of Christ has been co-opt by the "name it and claim" theology that is a...
  2. Janz

    Bachman: "Submission" means respect

    Indeed..that is why I used the term..for the past 10 years, I have been trying to recover from what happened to me..a long story... I don't agree..the Democrats are moving to the right not left..President Obama has governed like a conservative Democrat She did say it back in 2006..see the quote...
  3. Janz

    Bachman: "Submission" means respect

    I am a recovering evangelical christian and both Bachmann and Rick Perry make me cringe. Their number one goal is to bring a distinct Christian Revival to America...they both are Theocrats..and would be happy if every American would accept Jesus as their personal lord and savior..America...
  4. Janz

    Obama's Birth Certificate

    And now for the next conspiracy theory: The CIA manufactured one for him. ;)
  5. Janz

    Religion in the new Egyptian democracy

    Thomas, Your post moved me to tears on many levels. I just watched the film Agora see Agora (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia about the conflict between the early Coptic Christian Church and other religions in Alexandria (Egypt) during the Christianization of the Roman Empire in the 4th...
  6. Janz

    The Saudi Arabian Question;

    wil: "self loathing" is the term used by ultra right wing conservatives to marginalize those Americans who speak out against the notion of American the Palin worshippers would call me this and my opinions have been dismissed by being called a "self-loather." Such simplistic...
  7. Janz

  8. Janz

    military intervention in Libya ?

    Agree about military intervention but humanitarian aid by way of the International Red Cross and other organizations is much needed at the border with Tunisia. Some of the European countries like Italy are doing so and I know that we have some of our Navy ships available for helping with...
  9. Janz

    The Tide Is Changing.

    And just remember before the Europeans decided to colonize the New World, there were peoples and civilizations already established here from North America to Central and South America. From Wiki: "The first residents of what is now the United States emigrated from Asia over 30,000 years ago by...
  10. Janz

    The Tide Is Changing.

    It is also too bad that the West won't take responsibility for the mess that has been created by us meddling in the business of other countries. So easy to say..we were wrong, we are sorry and what can we do to correct our misguided need to make everyone over in our image. Perhaps the answer is...
  11. Janz

    Parallel Universe?

    Have you been watching Fringe on the telly? It deals with a parallel world..I love the show..maybe you should explore JJ Abrams ideas: Fringe (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. Janz

    Too much anti-Muslim prejudice in the media

    No it doesn't offend me but it does create an atmosphere of intolerance esp when it is wed to the American Flag. Then it becomes a moralistic drive to force all Americans to live 'Christian Values' by investing in the power of the State. I have become a rabid believer of the Separation of Church...
  13. Janz

    Too much anti-Muslim prejudice in the media

    So how many Mosques are there in the UK and out of those mosques how many are teaching their young people to hate? I have had negative experiences within 4 different fundamentalist/evangelical Christian churches where an exclusive brand of Christianity was being taught:we are saved and the rest...
  14. Janz

    2012 Republican Nominee?

    I saw an interview with Tim Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota and state legislator, and was impressed. If the Republicans' only goal is to beat President Obama (which according to the latest polls it is ) over ideological agreement; then Pawlenty, a rising star within the Republican Party...
  15. Janz

    My submission for Conscientious Objector discharge from the U.S. Army

    Q I don't believe in the God you are talking about but I have been taught that there will be a spiritual war in the end times against Satan..the Muslims believe the same..that Jesus will come and Islam will destroy those that are not Muslims so all will be Muslims. So we have 2 large faiths...
  16. Janz

    My submission for Conscientious Objector discharge from the U.S. Army

    I haven't forgotten that the Coast Guard (that is your military branch right?) primary missions are Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, and Maritime Stewardship. I admire the courage it takes to fly those rescue helicopters and haul people to safety. I am sure that the Coast Guard didn't exist...
  17. Janz

    My submission for Conscientious Objector discharge from the U.S. Army

    Maybe the difference is my husband did receive an honorable discharge as a Conscientious Objector. As far as being a man of his word..being married to me for 30 years and being a responsible provider for our 2 children and 6 grandchildren is all that matters to me. I am not going to get into all...
  18. Janz

    Egyptian Revolution

    Here is a link to the Al Jazeera's English Online Live streaming news: Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English
  19. Janz

    Welcome to IO.

    Welcome to IO.
  20. Janz

    Too much anti-Muslim prejudice in the media

    I agree..when all the speculation about the Tuscon Terrorist/Assassin was flying through the air, everyone of my right wing conservative former friends were whining about how that individual was acting alone and was disturbed; crazy etc etc. Therefore, we couldn't blame all the hateful rhetoric...