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    is Evil real?

    There is of course an opposer of God. Why do you think that people suffer so in he world?
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    Palestinian State and Signs(?)

    There are too many prophets these days. If someone thinks themselves a prophet then let God give them such a title. Self-proclaimed prophets are ten-a-penny in the United States and not a pair can agree with each other!
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    How much did Jesus know he was God?

    Jesus Christ represents the struggle of the human versus the Divine. He was both Human and God. Can you imagine that?
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    Trying to be humble

    Humility is the hardest part of being a Christian. You are awed by the sight of God, the teachings of God, the works of God, the miracles of God, yet cannot shout about them without being somewhat prideful.
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    The Missing Books of the Bible

    Missing books are a shame. Destroyed books are a tragedy. That is why we need to value what we have even more.
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    If Jesus had not died?

    There are fundamentals of Christian Faith. Without those fundamentals there is no Christian Faith just a personality cult. Fundamentals of Faith include: Jesus was the Son of God, He died and rose ont eh third day, His Resurrection was to attone for the signs of Adma and all humanity, the Bible...
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    Whose Dna did Jesus have?

    The point is not that Jesus has a physical aspect but a spiritual one. Physically Jesus was no more remarkable than any other being no earth. What was remarkable was that he was not human essence but entirely Divine. So the DNA would be an irrelevant issue.