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    Brahma Sutras

    The source is so misleading translation it become known as Anty brahmasutra.Pls first know Sanskrite other wise confused with the translation of Christian.Read Sankar and Ramanuj vasya with yaksa class of Sanskrite with "Nirghantu Sabdo kosha".
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    The stoned saints of india ?

    Some idiot who has no knowledge and read Maxmular written vedas who has such ignorence.Like if some hindu written Bible wat is the representation exactly same thing happen when nonhindu write the hindu scripture.A vast ignorence iof illiteracy of vedas.Wat I find from the Christian and muslim...
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    Why you believe that non-vegetarian

    Most sattvik food is fruit and milk.during the period of worship we take this.This not hurt tree as well as animal .And our saints advocated for this food.2nd type of food Rajashik like Anna,bannana etc. Taking meet is tamoshik as it shows the blood and violence.