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    Theosophy's Beginnings

    Dear Bruce, Following up your questions and comments: yes, I'm the author of Edgar Cayce in Context, published in 1998. Have been interested in Cayce since childhood because I grew up in the area where ARE is headquartered and had cousins who knew the Cayce family personally. My first...
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    Theosophy's Beginnings

    Dear Bruce, The most enlightening book I've read in recent years on the topic of the original intentions of the TS Founders is Robert Matthiesen's The Unseen Worlds of Emma Hardinge Britten. (Theosophical History Foundation, 2001) He establishes that "Chevalier Louis," the adept author(?) of...
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    I wrote a firsthand account of it which is available at this site: Articles on "Talisman" history As a non-Baha'i writing a book which treats the Faith quite positively (which no one has ever denied IMO), I participated regularly for a couple of years. Was treated very cordially by Cole...