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  1. wanderer

    Depression and Obsession with the after life

    So you think it's real!! and that's what worries you. Tell me, whether you like your present life, if you do, similarly you will like the next one, and the one after that. As in next lives, you will never know that previous existed, so you will live as if it is your only life. (Ignorance is...
  2. wanderer

    Religious Tradition, of God or of Man?

    Phew, looks like the discussion got deviated from the topic. :) Here's my view: Religious traditions are of men. As traditions are inherited from men, to men, so these are to be formed by men. Whatever god formed, remained for everbody, it survived without inheritance. Take for example, the...
  3. wanderer

    King James was gay?

    Never thought there could be a discussion on such topic, personally I think it does not matter whether he was gay or not. Whether being gay changes the outlook or image ? could be so, but not for me..
  4. wanderer

    Gravity-time and Gravity-space.

    Wow, looks like discussion of physics rather than faith, well I'll play too :) The particles faster than light are called tachyons and those are theoretical (not found till date). Gravity is separate force, not related to magnetism, there are four fundamental forces (more or less), out of which...
  5. wanderer

    Skipped Heart Beats

    Then it's alright, however keep searching, there is always an answer to every question.
  6. wanderer

    Overcoming the moment of Doubt ^^

    So it would seem that everything happens for a reason, and so we should take heed of the doubts which we face, but what if those doubts are against our religious beliefs??
  7. wanderer

    Question on traditional Karmic Law

    While reading above posts, it seems the definition of karma is quite complex and it is not possible to have a full understanding (for simple-headed people like me, at least). :) However, according to me, and what I choose to follow is that the Intentions define the effect of Karma, Anything done...
  8. wanderer

    Skipped Heart Beats

    Are your sleeping patterns proper, ie are you able to sleep without any disturbance, My brother had something like this when he used to work for late hours. It was temporary though, after he left that job he is fine.
  9. wanderer

    On What are your Religious Beliefs Based?

    My religious beliefs are based on ... well I can't put a finger on it yet. Feels like those have always been there, ever since I was born (or maybe before that).
  10. wanderer

    Overcoming the moment of Doubt ^^

    Well, if such is the case, won't such beliefs be just a lie, being told to us by ourselves.
  11. wanderer

    Overcoming the moment of Doubt ^^

    No matter how strong we are, there always comes a time when we doubt ourselves. Whether the beliefs we are following are true or are we just following like blind sheep going into the well, one after another? So what should one do to overcome the moment of such doubts. Lets share our thoughts and...
  12. wanderer

    World Bank and religious groups draft statement on ending poverty

    And the worst thing is, the gap between the rich and poor keeps on increasing. This gap of money may raise other problems in the future.
  13. wanderer

    Difficuties with interfaith marriages

    Well, viewpoint may vary from person to person, but there are difficulties, only difference is, some couples are able to overcome, while others can't.
  14. wanderer

    Mark of the Beast...

    I think it means that their destiny was altered ... you know.. something along the lines of palmistry. I could be wrong though..
  15. wanderer

    Meaning of Duality in Meditation

    It is just the choice of words which may give a completely different meaning. What the writer has tried to say is about the self and the external. Then again self may be interpreted in many ways, that's why it is important to have a master to lead the path.
  16. wanderer

    Breaking initiation or vows?

    Well, I don't know what kind of vow you took, still, I would say, all you need to do is to have faith, that you are doing what you were meant to do. There are times in our lives when we doubt our decision, but trust me, everything happens for a reason and brings a certain kind of good results...
  17. wanderer

    'Living in the Now' takes a knock ...

    Wisely spoken, but to hold on to something requires strength, perspectives are effected by environment, and so maintaining a perspective could be a tough job with continuous changing environment.
  18. wanderer

    Abrahamic Line as Lingam Challenge.

    Fun and sorrow are the same, these are compliments, without one, other is not there, so concentrate on the higher purpose, for those who live for fun, or those for sorrow are equally failed.
  19. wanderer

    What Islam Teaches About The Quran

    The above two posts are really informative and unbiased, thanks a lot for sharing such a good viewpoint. :)
  20. wanderer

    Different Buddha Statues Mudras and Its meaning

    This is the possible meaning of the mudras you described: Types of Mudras (meaning) 1. Abhaya Mudra - Freedom from fear 2. Bhumisparsha Mudra -Touching the earth, may 'signify down to earth' attitude 3. Dhyana Mudra - Meditation posture 4. Dharmachakra Mudra - Wheel of righteousness...