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    Do you call yourself a Christian?

    It's taken me a very long time to be able to call myself a Christian. I got bogged down by what was happening in churches and the division I see out there in the world in His name. I was brought up to believe in a loving, all-encompassing and forgiving God and it's to Him I return, not anyone...
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    Thanks everyone :)
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    Universal Salvation?

    I don't believe that a loving merciful God could send anyone to Hell. I personally believe that Souls are pure and when a person dies, they return Home. It's the mind that clouds judgement because humans are essentially ego-driven and fearful. The soul however always remains pure and it's our...
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    Do we (Muslims, Christians and Jews) believe in the same God or not?

    I personally believe there to be One God with the revealed prophets all being a path to that God. I guess that doesn't sit well with a lot of Christians but it's what I feel.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome Elvendon. I'm not your usual kind of Christian either, so it's all good :) I look forward to seeing you around the place. God Bless, Jonathan xxxx.
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    Anyone else have a hard time losing pets?

    I love the Rainbow Bridge story. A little bird died in my hand today. I found it out on the garden lawn and it was in obvious distress. I stroked it's little head and body and it slipped away. I'd never known this creature until then and I wept.
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    What music are you listening to?

    I'm listening to Neal Morse - ?, Spock's Beard - Day For Night and Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever in heavy rotation.
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    Hi all, I joined the forum a couple of days back avowedly atheistic but that wasn't really true. I've always been Christian but I have fought and fought and fought against it. Well, no more. Today I met with a Christian friend and I reaffirmed my Christian faith. I was born and brought up as a...
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    Why does life have to mean anything?

    Personally I don't live in denial of death. Knowing I'm going to cease to exist makes me live my life as fully as possible. I don't fear death because when I'm there I won't know anything.
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    Sum up your religious belief

    Thank you for the welcome lunamoth :) Thanks flowperson :)
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    Why does life have to mean anything?

    All life has meaning and yet has none.
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    Is naturalism just another name for atheism?

    I too am not offended by the idea of God or the term, it's merely I don't use it in the same way as those who profess a belief in the supernatural. God to me is the natural world, it's the loving impulse, it's fairness and compassion, it's empathy, it's loving kindness.
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    What do we know about God?

    I personally don't believe in God but many do and that's cool. I do however believe in Good and I follow that. I seek out good loving and positive people, places and situations and that's what 'God' is for me - the loving impulse.
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    Sum up your religious belief

    Mine is:- Love yourself before you can love others. When loving others, do so with all your heart. Appreciate everything you have, good and bad because they're life's lessons and without them you can't be all that you are. Behave lovingly towards yourself and others even if that feeling...
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    Why does life have to mean anything?

    For me, the meaning of life is the meaning I place upon it. I pesonally do not believe in God, Gods, an Afterlife, Past Lives, Reincarnation etc etc. I believe that once I'm dead that's it but that doesn't take anything away from life or living, for me it actually gives me being here an added...