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    Roman aquaducts

    LOL! And thanks for the pics! Truly a cunning collection there!
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    Human D N A finally mapped

    In case anyone's interested, here's an article about the discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick - or, more tellingly, about the unknown group of researchers who lay the groundwork before Watson and Crick deciphered the meaning of the helix structure inherent in DNA. Stunning creativity of DNA...
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    Ancient artifacts looted

    More on the story of the missing Iraqi historical treasures: Looted Iraqi art starts to surface
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    Potter banned - unbanned

    Well, I've seen some Christians get into quite a twitch about the whole Harry Potter issues. Although I can understand the objection to some degree the fact remains that Western society is increasingly secular. Certainly, the roots of the objection to Harry Potter go much wider afield. For...
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    S A R S - over-reacting?

    Actually, maybe I was beiong a little harsh on the matter. Someone reminded me the other day that there is no cure for the common cold - and that's precisely what SARS is supposedly closely related to. Here's something about it's writhing mutations from a BBC article...
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    A walk in the woods

    We actually went back and walked over where the ancient settlements were supposed to be. There were some slight earthworks, but it's hard to know whether these are original or from later building - there's a windmill nearby so it's certainly been used in more recent times. Anyway, it was a bit...
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    Dog - run over, shot, frozen - survives

    Now here's quite a tale - apparently the dog escaped it's home, was apparently hit by a car - then a police officer who was called decided to put the dog out of it's misery and shot it. Then the "body" was dragged off and put into cold storage - only to be rediscovered a few hours later alive...
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    Eastern Thought

    Been doing a lot of surfing tonight, and thought that the following site had a lot of useful information on Eastern thought and followings. The articles are only brief but quite extensive - more so than I'm planning to have here for some time: Seekers Guide - Eastern Religions, Masters and...
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    Encyclopaedia of the Celts

    Just found this resource on the internet and thought it may prove both useful and interesting: Encyclopaedia of the Celts
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    Al Jazeera short of cash

    Tis true - Al-Jazeera's cash crisis. Funnily enough, it's the other Arab states which are trying to disrupt it.
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    M E Ps want to ban stem cell research

    MEPs vote to ban stem cell research Is this an example of secular ethics in action - or is it symptomatic of a political rise of Christianity in Europe. After all, the Christian right is quite powerful in Germany. Are they the main force behind this drive?
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    S A R S - over-reacting?

    Chinese guests barred from film festival Hysteria or not? SARS has a low death rate, has killed around 100 people worldwide. Malaria has a higher death rate, will kill around 3 million people this year. Is the whole issue of SARS nothing more than "diseases of the rich"?
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    Vatican Radio

    Vatican is being prosecuted for illegal emissions. Hm, there's got to be some strange double connotation in that... Story here.
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    How do you feel about the war in Iraq?

    Well, hopefully th fall of Baghdad heralds the real end of it all - no quick victory, but a constant petering campaign as like in Afghanistan (possibly more so than people would like). Rumsfeld is threatening Syria again, though - one on his "axis of evil" lists (though forget whether Syria...
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    Chronicles of Empire forum

    Figured it out - the database backup I uploaded to the site had the wrong file name. I change the titles to show the date, and the site didn't like that. A really big PHEW!
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    Chronicles of Empire forum

    In case you're visiting here from overthere, during a general upgrade of the Chronicles site, I have inadvertently crippled the forum. Now in touch with tech support. I sincerely hope that the forum is recoverable. :- EDIT: All better now!
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    Dear Brian

    No - sincere thanks for that. It's the sort of silly error that can put people off a new site. As for Foundationism and Chronicles - both are intricately linked. The Philosophy of the Chronicles series is Foundationist - unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to summarise what that...
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    Past Lives

    Cool about the galleon dreams - had lots like that as well. One very memorable excerpt - I was in a ship's cabin, having a general conversation in what I think was Portugese! What's strange is that I was also thinking in the language, rather than English. When I woke I had been saying...
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    Hi sweetums!!

    Hey, Jan - you did it! Well done - yes, just use the browse/attach function and it will add the pic automatically. That's about all you'll really need. For the slightly complicated bits here's the help file:
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    Gospel of Mark

    3 Corinthians, 3 Stelas of Seth, and Epistle of Barnabas are all listed on the New Testament Apocrypha page. :) There's a number of texts from the Nag Hammadi library not hosted here yet - but I should have them on this site very soon - just overhauling my writing site with a magnificent new...