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    Thanks for the message

    Thanks for the message
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    Vegetarian Matthew

    From "Myths of Vegetartain" The Myths of Vegetarianism MYTH #14: Eating meat or animal products is less "spiritual" than eating only plant foods. It is often claimed that those who eat meat or animal products are somehow less "spiritually evolved" than those who do not. Though this is not...
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    Clean & Unclean Meats

    The oldest man in the USA - In the USA, George Rene Francis of Sacramento, California, turned 110 on 4 June 2007 – despite his supposedly 'unhealthy diet'. UPI and the Sacramento Bee said that 'many partygoers were simply aghast at the 110-year-old's ability to survive a history of unhealthy...
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    Clean & Unclean Meats

    Genesis 4 1And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. 2And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. 3And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of...
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    The Dreaming

    Dreaming is important in all Tribal People, from the Myths from the Abenaki Tribe from northern New England come from their Creation Myths - There are many brainwave altering products...
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    Drugs and spirituality

    In South America the Indians that drink a tea from the Ayahuasca vine(call by the Incas “the vine of the dead), one Medicine man said it is to show new Medicine Men were they are going. Experienced Medicine man should have no need to take it because they should be able to go there with out the...
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    Genesis, the creation story

    This one web site has both stories & more but has them as 2 different stories 14) Yahwah 15) The Elohim can not put the URL down, sorry. Also they have changed it but God in Genesis was in plural form & at one part God is talking to another God. Adam come from a Hebrew word meaning man as in...
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    Concepts about spirits?

    In Animism believes everything has a Spirit & most cultures had a Land of the Dead. Hell comes from the Greek's Land of the Dead but this is not th evil place as in the Christian view, it was just the place your spirit went to when you died & you would be doing the same thing you did when you...
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    Genesis 3:3-4

    Adam comes from the Hebrew word for Earth but also means man(as in mankind), Eve comes from a Hebrew word meaning life so it could mean that through life they learned that they were nude & etc. The snake has always been a symbol of knowledge. The Doctors symbol is 2 snakes wraped around a...
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    something i have been thinking about

    They were shepherd, they raised sheep & the people in towns raised pigs, it was a way to keep the people separated. If they could not break bread together they could not make treaties or trade. It was a way to keep the people separate. A friend of mine that is Jewish told me about a Rabbi at...
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    Ulitmate Question!

    I think Brian started this site & alot of people are here looking for answer to questions they might have or to find people that believe in similar things to share or compare views. In short to learn, learn more about the path they have chosen or about the path they are already on & as for me...
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    Can spirituality really be taught?

    Thanks Blue, would have replied sooner but I was having trouble with my computer. I have seen how people buy things as if to show they are spiritual, I think it has to be something inside & not the shirt you wear. I can buy a guitar but that does not make me a musician. As BB was saying, I...
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    Can spirituality really be taught?

    I used to study Shiatsu, Sotai & Qi Gong until I got laid off. It is not your use of language, some people do wierd things to be spiritual. Some will pay alot of money to do something they say is spiritual. It goes back to what is spirituality & what do you do to be spiritual? Is it going...