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  1. Still thinking

    I believe the first interfaith marriage...

    Congratulations!! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. :D
  2. Still thinking

    Happy valentines day

    No offense meant to anyone, but Valentine's Day SUCKS!!! I truly belive it is a holiday created by Hallmark, florists, etc. It's wholly overrated. If you're single it depresses you, and if you're with someone it pressures you. No, thanks!!
  3. Still thinking

    Collapse of the Crystal Cathedral?

    Family spat divides televangelism empire - Faith- I've always thought it was more than sick that there are such things as "megachurches", televangelism, and millionaire preachers, but actually naming your church the Crystal Cathedral is just too much. Nothing like caring for those...
  4. Still thinking

    One God with many names / One religion with many names

    I agree with the majority of you that God is everywhere, supreme, so far above any human thoughts that it is arrogant and foolish to think we can know Him by one name, one attribute, or one church. He created humanity so diversely, how can one think that they are all meant to believe the same...
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    bumper sticker philosophy

    I have two on my car right now: a black ribbon that says, "Support our troops, bring them home" and my newest addition, "My country invaded Iraq and all I got was this expensive gas" I like to make a point to stangers. :)
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    Religion and Depression

    The link between depression and religion does not surprise me at all. If anything, the fact that it's limited to only two cultures is a bit surprising! I was very active in church growing up, and always had an underlying sense of guilt about everything I did. That guilt is what I believe leads...
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    The Trinity, from the JW view.

    Oh-my-G!d! Why not just be vegetarian to avoid any confusion? Seriously, if there's one conclusion I have come to, it is that this is all much simpler than we make it. I truly think God does not care what the **** we eat, or how we eat it. He is much more concerned with people's hearts. We are...
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    Were you meaning to address the benefits\ risks to our health due to alcohol, or were you focusing on this 24 hr thing? Because I fail to see what that article has to do with our health . . . . .
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    The Trinity, from the JW view.

    Maybe they think it looks cool. LOL Could it be a sense of history that permeates cultures like the Jews, yet is more lacking in Christianity, which is relatively new compared to other religions? Maybe it is about creating an identity, like you said, somehow connecting themselves to the past...
  10. Still thinking

    The Trinity, from the JW view.

    Yeah, I agree with you there. I don't understand anyone who claims to be a Christian yet still places themselves under Old Testament law. But then again, the JW's don't believe Jesus was God, so maybe in their minds He didn't really fulfill the OT Law of the Prophets?
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    The Trinity, from the JW view.

    I'm assuming you mean the Ten Commandments and other OT laws, and yes, because of Christ's sacrifice we are no longer under the Law. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God and love each other; that's really all those laws add up to anyways, just in further detail. If we love God and...
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    What are your thoughts on infant baptism? Adult baptism? Is it necessary for salvation, or just a good idea? Is it a bad idea?
  13. Still thinking

    Do You Post at Work?

    I don't own a computer (amazing but true!), so if I'm posting, I'm working. And no, I don't think it's ethical, BUT it keeps my brain alert and functioning in a job that would otherwise turn it into a pile of goo. lol
  14. Still thinking

    another life

    Hmm, my brain's buzzing! Every time I considered reincarnation in the past, it left me with an overwhelming sense of exhaustion! I always figured one life was tiring enough, I wouldn't want any more! lol But who of us truly knows? If it's true, tho, I would unfortunately consider myself a young...
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    another life

    Ok, now I'm curious. For those of you who believe in past lives, why do you believe this? Do you just feel it, or is it part of your religion? Is there any proof for this belief? How does it work?
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    another life

    Interesting. How do you know, or feel, that you've "been here" before? (This concept of reincarnation is totally foreign to me.) I recently had a wonderful discussion, with a family member, about "old souls" and "new souls". It's definitely affected the way I look at people. If you look at...
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    Cain's wife...thoughts?

    Interesting thought. The way I saw it, we obviously will never know for sure, but couldn't God have created more than just one man and one woman? Perhaps Adam was the first man, and Eve the first woman, but who's to say there weren't more men and women created by God after them?
  18. Still thinking

    The Trinity, from the JW view.

    :rolleyes: It's an honorable attempt, Alex, but I'm convinced Mee is actually an automated link to the Watchtower website, not an actual person . . . . . . ;)
  19. Still thinking

    would you vote for a jewish or muslim President of the U.S.?

    :rolleyes: Thanks, Mee, but in America we get to vote for our leaders, which we take advantage of, if we're smart . . . . . .