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    Honouring Allah

    Thank you all! This was very helpfull Many thanks Dani
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    Honouring Allah

    hey, I was just wondering Which quotes from the Quran clearly articulate to honour Allah/ believe in Allah? and what is the first lines of the Quran? Thank you Dani :)
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    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone would know thranslation from english to arabic, simple words such as *mom *dad *sister *grandmother - (is it a sitti?) Is there a web site which has such translations? Thank you for your help Dani
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    Saudi Arabia Royal Family

    Hi, Does anyone know information about interior ministor prince Nayef and his family? If not where could I obtain this kind of information?
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    Hinduism + arranged marriges

    Hi I was jsut wondering if there where and are arranged marriges in the Hinduism religion. If there are do fathers choose a husband for their daughters and how do they go about you process? Thank you dani
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    Parsha in the Torah

    Hi is was just wondering if there is a specific Parasha in the Torah where it reinforces the importance of your faith (passing your faith onto generations) and honouring + respecting your parents and what they have tought you. Another Question: Is there any mention of gaurdian angels in the...
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    Evil eye? and Musilm sayings?

    Hi I was just wondering if the evil eye has any connection to the Islamic faith and if not is there anything simiar to this? Another question: Cultural sayings or sayings that are said which are commonly used by Musilms example: Haraam (forbidden) are there other sayings like this and if so...
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    Islamic beliefs vs culture?

    I understand that there are many misconceptions when it comes to women’s oppression and Islamic beliefs. Is it true that it is more cultural that some women are abuse? Is there versus in the Quran’ that show that women should be treated with respect and in an appropriate manner? Thank Dani
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    Are Muslims allowed to?

    Thank you for you replies! It has helped me alot!
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    Is it allowed?

    Dauer, Thank you for your reply. Would you know if this happend and a non Jew read from the Torah because he was not honest, how would his religion respond? Example: an Muslim man, Would his community find this offensive towards their beliefs?
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    Is it allowed?

    I was just wondering if other religions are allowed to read in from the Torah in the synagogue? Are they allowed to wear a talit or a kippah? If a man from another religion did this, would this offend Jewish onlookers? Would they view this as being disrespectful towards their religion...
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    Are Muslims allowed to?

    I was just wondering If in the Islamic faith, Muslims are allowed to Read from the Torah (studies by the Jewish people), Wear a talit or a kippah? If a Muslim man undertook these Jeiwish customs would he be committing a sin? Thanx Dani