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    What are the names of the buddah?

    I am often confused, since man lists vary in length. Does anybody have a comprehensive list of them? Could you please type it out or direct me to a website.
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    I have been reading up on rastafarianism, and a lot of websites have been saying that rastas believe that they are superior to the "white man". But that contradicts the whole thing about - everyone is Jah's children?
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    What part of South Africa? I live in Cape Town?
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    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of gods/godess? and elements?

    I am struggeling to find a list that includes them all and the elements. Can anyone type it up for me OR give me a website where it is included?
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    Why is Ratafarianism put in the "Modern Religions" category?

    Just wondering, It seems pretty old to me.
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    The laughing buddha?

    I have seen a lot of him in homes around the UK, does he have any special meaning?
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    Does anyone have a good "making true friends" spell?

    I going through a rough time, and it would really help. :)