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  1. mandrill

    "a" or "the" true religion

    missattitude makes a very good point, I think. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of being a "true believer" in any religion has to be the condemnation of others' beliefs, whether you do it unkindly or gently. Accepting others' beliefs as equally valid with yours would mean, at least to...
  2. mandrill

    Life of Brian - Monty Python

    I loved it .. but I think I recall reading there were protests about it at the time. Probably in my country, land of silly protests.
  3. mandrill

    Moral Quandaries

    "For instance, why is it that we (in the collective, general sense) seem to vent our most violent psychological and physical hatred on those we love the most? Does it stem from such constant close proximity? Is it because we feel most comfortable with these people, and therefore feel free to...
  4. mandrill


    I think a bit of clarification is needed for the term "ally" as it is used in the Castaneda books. Sorcerors called the entities this, because they sought to control them and use them for their own purposes. However, the books later stress that these beings are simply non-organic lifeforms, just...
  5. mandrill

    Is Selflessness Good, And Does Religion Breed Selfishness?

    This is a very interesting discussion. I think I may have to get this book eventually:) I am just wondering how effective one can really be in helping anyone else before working on oneself, getting oneself to a place where one's own unmet needs are not influencing everything you do? I would...
  6. mandrill


    Yes but, hmm .. the ironic thing about stuff like this is, if I *had* listened, as you say, I never would have gotten the significance. Instead I was able to learn, firsthand and at an early age, that the world was not quite like everyone was telling me, that there were things out there ...
  7. mandrill


    Speaking of 'spirits' influencing one's behavior - twice in my life I have had an actual insistent voice in my head telling me to do, or not to do, something. Both times I ignored the voice and did what I wanted anyway, with completely disasterous results. The first was when I was ten. A voice...
  8. mandrill


    Castaneda's books discuss something referred to as "allies" or "non-organic lifeforms," beings that exist in the world with us but are very unlike us, to the point that most of us do not even notice them or, if we do, interpret them as something else, something we more readily understand, such...
  9. mandrill

    morality within evolution

    Thank you for making me feel so welcome as I fumble my way through these discussions, it is a pleasure to be here. :) Hmm .. when you speak of understanding what one ought to do, that seems to imply a degree of conscious thought on the matter, while "instinctual" tends to imply the opposite...
  10. mandrill

    morality within evolution

    Yeah, I noted this too, but was not going to get into that debate. :) But since you brought it up ... The idea that humans are at "the top of the scale" falls back to the old idea of the "Great Chain of Being," where all of life is advancing towards human. Trouble is that all these other...
  11. mandrill


    Let me be the first to welcome you, as I myself was warmly welcomed just recently. :) I completely sympathize with the weight loss issue. I found my excess weight crept up on me while I was in college and stayed around for about 10 years until one day I was just sick of dragging it around and...
  12. mandrill

    What would you change most about the world?

    Wow, all great replies. I'm afraid I'll not be very profound, just going to say the first thing that popped into my head. I would decrease the population explosion of one species at the expense of all others, both fauna and flora. Its going to be a very sad, impoverished, and boring world...
  13. mandrill

    What book are you reading at the moment?

    The book I finished most recently was a biography of Anais Nin (I think that's even what it was called, can't check as its back at the library already.) She was an amazing woman, to be sure. I'm usually always reading something, as time allows, although I often find it hard to finish books in...
  14. mandrill

    What's your favorite movie?

    A Fish Called Wanda - top of the list, just an all-around good time The Matrix (only the first one - can't abide the other two :( ) The Witches of Eastwick (read the book finally just recently, very different than the movie but I loved it) The Fisher King (A very different Robin Williams)...
  15. mandrill

    What is a "religion"?

    Re: Here we go again. Hello, Thank you for your comments. :) I actually did read some of your posts and found them quite interesting, and certainly your definition is compelling. Unfortunately, I was at work and only had one free hour to read, think and discuss, so was not able to comment...
  16. mandrill

    Checking In

    Thanks again for all the welcomes. :D I am really having a good time going through all the posts on this forum. Going to take me awhile to read and digest everything.
  17. mandrill

    morality within evolution

    Chimps have been known to kill to protect their territory from intruders, even if the "intruder" is a single unknown chimp, and will frequently attack individuals perceived as "strange" ... and by this I don't simply mean "unknown" because chimps can and will accept some newcomers into their...
  18. mandrill

    morality within evolution

    Hmmm ... I think this could be a rather vague term, and we need to define what we mean by "moral" behavior. Certainly some behaviors we might characterize as "moral," such as love and devotion to friends and family, assisting those weaker than oneself, seeking reconciliation after a...
  19. mandrill

    What is a "religion"?

    Well .. being at work today with nothing to do at lunchtime I've time to ponder this. :) When in doubt about this kind of thing I sometimes just go to a dictionary. The one I found at hand defines "religion" as follows: 1. belief in a personal God or gods entitled to obedience and...
  20. mandrill

    Find your fairy!

    Ummm ... she hasn't brought the riches yet ... looked under my pillow this morning and everything. :(