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    Need a context please

    Goodness, it sounds like a bad translation! I haven't had time to view all the replies, I got off work late. Not every word in the Holy Books is literal, the original words are so old and translated many times. I don't mean to make light of your request and thanks so much for writing - but it...
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    Searchers for Knowledge

    Fascinating discussion. I am not a theologan but am winging it on instinct, I've been interested in everything from Paganism to Greek Mythology, and have been a progressive Christian for the last several years, although not very active, though I do like Unity Church. I just need to get more...
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    Do you think you are liberal?

    Yes I am! I so totally agree! I've had this thought in the back of my mind for a few years and you have put it into words- I am definitely of the Emerging Paradigm BTW could we find an easier and zippier word to use than paradigm?! Hard to spell! But you explain it very well. And how I...
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    Re: INTRODUCTION New LC Member - Update Oh excuse me, I read Thomas's welcome and really appreciated it. I just got very busy for a while, inventory at work, then a little tired and lazy afterwards. It's supposed to be spring in Colorado but has been rather cold and rainy for the last two...
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    Hi, I'm posting to this group for the first time. I've been thirsting for something like this, and after an upsetting misunderstanding with an aquaintance, I've realized that I need to be around modern progressive Christians. God bless my Grandmother, who was of great faith yet from the...