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    What music are you listening to?

    recently into jazz
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    I'm brutally in love with cats, especially big cats are more cuter. Any tiger lion admirer ?
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    What is your favorite Iced Cream flavor?

    I love belgium chocolate🤤
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    General Introduction - What is the Hare Krishna movement?

    You can get a full detailed information over here :,grains%2C%20ghee%2C%20and%20sugar.
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    Facts or Opinions

    I think there is nothing like fact, instead whole universe is a myth. There is no reality. Legends have told that "one person world spun around his beliefs". This actually mean whatever you believe good or bad, is a fact or truth of your own reality. Every person see the same world with...
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    Our image of God

    Someone who is one with universe. The "love" which create universe and give everything to every creation of it.
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    Our thoughts and prayers...

    I don't think people get a urge to kill someone just because they have a gun. The whole purpose of keeping a gun is to kill someone or something. People never buy weapons thinking they will never be using them. If someone is buying gun, knife, etc even for security purpose, does have an...