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    God and the Illogical

    Deleted, on second thoughts, when doubt stepped in...
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    Choice and free will

    "Love is what is receptive of every heavenly quality, that is, of peace, intelligence, wisdom, and happiness. Love is receptive of everything that is in harmony with it." Man must love (God and fellows) completely in perfect holiness. God equips man to do this, expects, yes, requires man to...
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    Choice and free will

    Dear Winner, You have stated in the quote above how things appear to you; how it sounds. Appearances are just that. Something appears to be like this or that, but the appearance might be removed from reality. Look at this; it says something different to the quote above: If any of you...
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    True and false wisdom

    Dear Wise Friends, A unique decsription of two types of wisdom is to be found in James (NT). He speaks of a wisdom that is "from above," and a wisdom that is not. Please read the text (James 3:13-17): It seems to me that when he refers to "wisdom from above," he intends the idea of...
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    Burned at the stake for the Bible

    Exactly. Why does it appear to me then, that Nick the Pilot is relentlessly insisting that our friend Thomas should do account for the misdeeds of others; a supposed "discussion of the issues" that reeks rather of the spirit of an inquisition: I DEMAND THAT ALL ACCUSATIONS BE ANSWERED AND...
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    Pope Questions Interfaith Dialogue

    Interfaith Dialogue Questions Pope?
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    Can anyone guide me to those segments of Scripture, in the Law and Prophets, in the Messiah's teachings, or in the letters of doctirine and pastoral counsel of the early church, or to those works of the Fathers (Tradition), that prescribe how same-sex "couples", or "partners," should relate to...
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    Burned at the stake for the Bible

    It seems that theosphy does not speak to the conscience in terms of moral values or ethics the way the Christian Spirit of Holiness does. I'm disappointed, Nick the Pilot. Respectfully, Learner
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    Burned at the stake for the Bible

    Come now, Nick the Pilot, you know full well that Thomas is present here in a Spirit of holiness and humilty, serving the Lord in sincerity, and has never given anything out that calls for, or deserves your suggestion that he has a murderous heart. Respectfully, Learner
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    Jesus what people have said about him

    I would suggest that what people have said about Him the most by far is: "Jesus Christ!" In doing so they have either positively acknowledged Him as Lord and Savior, or negatively affirmed Him as Lord and Savior by using the Name that is given above every other name --- invested with the...
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    Was King David Gay ?

    gay   –adjective 1.having or showing a merry, lively mood: gay spirits; gay music. 2.bright or showy: gay colors; gay ornaments. 3.given to or abounding in social or other pleasures: a gay social season. 4.licentious; dissipated; wanton: The baron is a gay old rogue with an eye for...
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    Was King David Gay ?

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    teachings of Jesus christ or human philosophy?

    Re: 1914: Teachings of Jesus Christ or human philosophy? Well, he's fit. :)
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    The myth of free will

    Easy, now, Winner. Go easy with the medicine. Those splinters you see in another's eye might be imagined, the product of hallucinations. I think it is a valid point to consider, as juantoo's valuable contributions made clear, that various translations, their mistakes and motivations, may...
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    The firstborn of creation

    I remember reading somewhere that the Chinese genius renders it thus: "In the beginning was the Way, and the Way was with God, and the Way was God." I also recall Jesus saying, "I am the way and the tuth and the life." I would like to use capitals here, to make my meaning clear: The Way...
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    The firstborn of creation

    Of course, I asked a silly question. How could there be a scribe to record the exact and only dialogue between God and Son. Not only were there no scribes around (man was still only a twinkle in the Divine Eye), and no language had developed as yet, but neither were there any letters to write...
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    The firstborn of creation

    [/LEFT] Dear Mee, Might I ask, do you have any idea who the scribe was that was present, and able to record so accurately this one-sentence dialogue between God and Son, since no man had been created as yet, and thus no language, to "say" anything in? And, do you believe this one...
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    bible prophecy

    If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium!
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    who is Michael the Archangel?

    Dear Mee, This is not a very compelling argument. I, too, can say, "I live because of the Father," since God is the source of all life. Nothing lives except from Life; no being is possible except from Being. But when I say it, as a creature, it really has quite a different meaning as when...
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    My Jesus can beat up your Jesus

    A post by one estrella (link below): Today, a little book for children caught my attention. I found it quite striking, I think that people might see different meanings in this little text, but I thought it would be worthwhile to put it here! (I translate it, so it does not reflect the real...