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  1. Jayhawker Soule

    Ramadan Kareem

    Just a quick post to wish the Muslims here a sincere Ramadan Mubarak. Shalom/Salaam ...
  2. Jayhawker Soule

    First question ...

    Jews cycle through the Torah once a year, one parashah per week. We are now back at the beginning, back at Parashah B'reishit (Genesis 1:1 thru 6:8). Humanist geographer Yi-Fu Tuan once wrote: "All human beings are religious if religion is broadly defined as the impulse for coherence and...
  3. Jayhawker Soule

    Grave Yard or Dumpster

    Which most reminds you of Interfaith Forums?
  4. Jayhawker Soule

    Seen this Christian-Muslim solidarity movie?

    It sounds interesting. What can you tell me about it?
  5. Jayhawker Soule

    Islam and literalism

    There are streams of Judaism which view the Torah as inspired and beloved but nevertheless the fallible product of man. The same can be said for Christianity. Is literalism necessary to Islam?
  6. Jayhawker Soule

    Some timely humor from and for my Muslim friends.

    Two men, David and James, somehow found themselves lost in the desert. They had no food or water and were rapidly becoming very hungry and very thirsty but finally notice a Mosque not too far down the path. They decide to go in, with James telling David: "I'm going to tell them my name's...
  7. Jayhawker Soule

    Ramadan Kereem

    Salaam / Shalom. Just a quick note to wish you and yours a sincere Ramadan Mubarak.
  8. Jayhawker Soule

    God the Father in Judaism

    I stumbled across the following from Leadership U ... I'm not a big fan of the site, but I found the article (only partially quoted here) more than a little interesting -- particularly since, as a member of a Reform temple, I've grown accustomed to the 'new' gender-neutral terminology. The...
  9. Jayhawker Soule

    A "Jewish and Democratic" stat

    Those interested in the current "loyalty oath" debate might find the following two referenced of interest:The Curious Case of Jewish Democracy, found in Azure No. 41, andRuth Gavison: Loyalty declaration bill is bad legislation from the Jerusalem PostThe former provides context for the latter.
  10. Jayhawker Soule

    Good morning ...

    ... and thank you for the opportunity to dialogue. L'Shalom, JS