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    Do we need religion?

    This question is driving me crazy. Someone I know has made a religion out of Atheism hes a fundementalist. Is this any different to all the other religions?
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    I'm just wondering what the Jewish position on Jesus is? I know Judaism has many different directions, I'd like to hear any. If im not mistaken there is no Satan in Judaism but I would like to know if Jesus is considered negative in anyway?
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    Atheists smarter

    Study links atheism to high IQ : Interfaith
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    Its good to be an Athiest sometimes

    BBC NEWS | Americas | Praying man let his daughter die
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    If You Ruled The World!!

    You wake up in the morning, look out of your window and find people from all over the world have gathered outside your home screaming your name. Something drastic happened while you were asleep, you became ruler of the world! Authorities immediately set up a secure area around your home as it...
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    Born Again

    I've decided to become a Christian again. To be honest I never fully left Christianity in the first place I guess I was slightly lost. However I've decided to consider myself an Esoteric Christian. Anyone that considers themselves Christian of any sort is to some extent Esoteric because...
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    Opinions please

    I've just come back from the sea in a village in Larnaca. It’s an Ancient village and had various settlers from all over the med from all periods. As I was in the sea I was picking up flat stones on the bottom and skimming them for fun and then I pick up some pottery. I was just wondering if...
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    Michael Jacksons Ghost The news report on the sighting of his Ghost at the neverland ranch is on the bottom left not the one...
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    Holloway Prison

    I was talking to a close friend of mine and told me they are going to visit a client at Holloway prison and wasn't estatic. I kind of heard of Holloway but wasn't too sure about it. Anyway I did a Wiki search and looked into it. I read the stories of the 5 females that were executed there and...
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    Are you a Christian?

    The identical thing that we now call Christian religion existed among the ancients, and has not been lacking from the beginning of the human race leading to the coming of Christ in the flesh, from which moment on the true religion, which already existed, began to be called Christian. Saint...
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    What are they?
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    Cypriot Mystic

    Doing my usual reading on Wikipeadia expanding my brain and I come across a Cypriot Mystic. He was a doctor and a healer, born in 1915 and died in 1995. He wrote several books and also has his own website. Stylianos Atteshlis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Daskalos & The Researchers of...
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    What would you?

    Does anyone remember Codes question about the train? What would you do if a train carrying 200 pasengers going towards a cliff edge. You can save them all by pulling a lever but in doing so you are diverting the train on a track with a trapped little girl...
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    Which is the best political system

    Which do you consider to be the best political system?
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    An Idea!

    Since this is an interfaith forum I think it would be great if by Alphabetical order of every nation we name 10 famous people, great thinkers or any other kind of contributors. In the case the nation is either new, too small or very humble we can just skip them before we hit 10. List of...
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    Acropolis museum

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts & Culture | Greece to unveil Acropolis museum Do you think the Elgin Marbles should be returned to Greece? As what many other reputable museums of the world are doing out of good will. Vatican sends back Parthenon head Italy returns Parthenon fragment Swede...
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    World Refugee Day

    UNHCR - World Refugee Day 2009
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    Jewish Anarchism and Athiesm

    It seems to me that Atheism and Anarchism to be a common theme amongst people of Jewish origin. Much of which I consider to be fruitful. Here's an interesting person Emma Goldman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Also more about Jewish Anarchism Jewish anarchism - Wikipedia, the free...
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    US marines

    They docked off in ***** and been here for *****... So they have been everywhere down town. A close friend of mine is a PR manager at a local club so him and his workers have been trying to get them down. Only their curfew is about the time the club opens so they opened early espcially for them...
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    Eminem verses Bruno

    Eminem Lyrics Bruno Report: Sacha Baron Cohen Sued Over Bingo Melee - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment - Eminem has had waaay more stick then Sasha.. And persoanlly I think Eminem is way less destructive.