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  1. reedshimmer

    "The One"

    Ben your encyclopeadic knowledge has astonished me all day today you are amazing. I have ME and tried really hard to read and understand this positively highbrow and very intellectual discussion as the subject is of great interest to me. On a lighter note, if that is allowed; a post by...
  2. reedshimmer

    Does Somebody Have To Be Wrong?

    Choice is somethings that most of western society takes in its stride and for granted. There are many countries where 'choice' is not available either through educational or cultural ignorance. Today, even in some western countries there are people's choices being eroded by the removal of...
  3. reedshimmer

    Is this Offensive?

    Thanks for the correction Ben = my excuse for such a fluff is that I have ME and suffer with a very foggy brain from time to time. Regards Reedshimmer
  4. reedshimmer

    Is this Offensive?

    Hi you guys, I am new to this site and have spent some time looking around and having a good read! Most of you seem to be incredibly 'intellectual' and knowledgable regarding the topics. To the prospective author 'is this offensive', what others have said about spell casting for love (for...