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  1. iBrian

    Forum upgrade coming shortly!

    As you've probably noticed, since moving the forums to the new server, there have been a few errors on the board - for example, avatars no longer showing up. However, this weekend I plan to do a full upgrade of the forum software from vbulletin 3 to xenforo. Things might seem a little...
  2. iBrian

    Site upgrade broke avatars

    Terribly sorry about this, but I've just moved the site to a different server, but it's broken the site avatars. Turns out the server software we were running before was very out of date. That on top of the fact that the forum software hasn't seen a proper update for a few years means that...
  3. iBrian

    Baha'i democratic structure

    Something I've always been curious about, since it was mentioned a very long time ago on these boards, is the voting system used for electing representatives of the Baha'i faith. It would certainly be interesting to know more about it - please do feel free to post any relevant links, and once...
  4. iBrian

    Richard Dawkins thinks sexual harrassment isn't important

    Interesting reading recently about the atheist convention (yes, truly) called The Amazing Meeting. iO9 covers some of it here: The Great Geek Sexism Debate Apparently, Dawkins seems to think women who make any claim about sexual harrassment, without suffering genital mutilation or torture, are...
  5. iBrian

    UK gothic clothing

    I know it's off-topic, but just to let everyone know I've spent the past few months setting up an online shop for selling gothic/alternative clothing, not least gothic skirts and dresses, tops, t-shirts, and similar. More here: Alternative X: Gothic Clothing Main lines include: Gothic...
  6. iBrian

    Cynical definition of Christianity

    Thought this was funny. :) Urban Dictionary: Christianity
  7. iBrian

    Patois Bible

    Found this interesting: BBC News - Jamaica's patois Bible: The word of God in creole "And having come in, the angel said to her, 'Rejoice, highly favoured one, the Lord is with you: blessed are you among women.'" vs "De angel go to Mary and say to 'er, me have news we...
  8. iBrian

    Spread of farming and spiritual message?

    Interesting to read the following BBC piece, which claims the practice of farming spread from southern England to northern Scotland in just 50 years: BBC News - Archaeologists unearth Britain's 'first building boom' Reading it, that's very fast, so what could be behind it? Well, considering...
  9. iBrian

    Palestinian Unification

    It looks as though the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are coming together in a national unity government, and Egypt are supporting it: BBC News - Egypt urges US to back Palestinian state declaration The Israeli government is naturally critical and against such a move - they thought they had...
  10. iBrian

    Air strikes on Libya?

    Air strikes authorised on Libya: BBC News - Libya: David Cameron says UK jets to be deployed Does this mean the UN will sanction the same in Bahrain? If not, isn't this just repeating the same selective lesson our politicians crowed they'd learned?
  11. iBrian

    Tanks against democracy

    Remember when a government sending tanks against pro-democracy protesters was the exclusive realm of an evil communist regime, considered a last remaining Communist enemy from a Cold War era? Tienanmen Square came to represent everything we thought was wrong about China, and the West felt it...
  12. iBrian

    Changing Zodiac signs

    Thought coverage in this was interesting, not least references to the EArth's precession and how it might - or might not - affect astrology: BBC News - Have the Zodiac and star signs changed?
  13. iBrian

    Too much anti-Muslim prejudice in the media

    I think it's time to call out the media for anti-Muslim prejudice. After all, the media never describes anyone as a "Christian Terrorist" or "Christian Extremists". They are simply "terrorists" or "extremists". Case in point are the troubles in Northern Ireland - Protestant vs Catholic. Never...
  14. iBrian

    Front end rebuilt!

    Just to let you know that through this week I've completely rebuilt the front end of the site, moving of the original static pages (ie, built by hand) into a database system. This will make the front end much easier to manage, edit, and expand in general. It also means the site should be safer...
  15. iBrian

    The Palestinian papers

    Interesting media discussion about Al Jazeera's release of the so-called Palestinian papers. Initially, it appears to have been a deliberate attempt to try and embarrass the Palestinian Authority to its voters, by showing that the PA was open to providing concessions to Israel on key and...
  16. iBrian

    Malware warning

    My sincere apologies everyone - it looked as though the site was hacked again late yesterday, with an iframe to a malware site inserted into one of the forum's Javascript files. This was due to a vulnerability in the forum software. I removed the malicious code this morning, but...
  17. iBrian

    Newsbot removed

    Just to let everyone know I've now deleted the scripts that fed in the news from the front section into the forums. While the intention was to stimulate discussion, I think it's clear all they did was threaten to bung up boards, making it harder for people to find general discussion threads...
  18. iBrian

    A good news story

    Nice to see good news stories in the news, not least when someone gets a second chance. Here's a copy of the YouTube video: YouTube - Ted Williams- Homeless man with a golden voice Here's the BBC coverage of what happened after: BBC News - Homeless man with 'golden voice' given second chance
  19. iBrian

    Lilith and multiple Eves

    A question for our resident Jews - are there alternative stories or commentaries suggesting that there was more than one Eve in the Garden of Eden narrative? Simply that I remember reading a Neil Gaiman short that had three Eves - the first dominated Adam and was thrown out, to wander the earth...
  20. iBrian

    Apologies for the recent disruption

    Apologies for the recent disruption, all - looks like there has been a lot of flaming and general disruption over the past two weeks while I was busy elsewhere. Anyway, I've cleaned up a bit - hopefully not too obvious - but I have removed a few flame posts and a couple of hate threads. In the...