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    Paradise and the Fall

    WHKeith - your reply was wonderful - thank you :-) And I found this passage very apt: "Many of us, sadly, have lost touch with our spiritual selves, and I suppose that could be viewed as a kind of fall from a former state of grace." If you think about it, the only connection we truly do have...
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    For the pagans on Hallowe'en

    LOL that's one my favorites - right up there with the pumpkin flasher :-) Lin
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    Past Lives

    Thanks Fool and Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine for the wonderful welcome :-) And you should definitely check out the class again - sounds to me like you are both approaching this carefully, as one must with all the 'Walking Cereal Boxes' out there LOL Lin
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    Paradise and the Fall

    Speaking from the standpoint of an intiated Witch, I must address that issue ;) Initiation is not about acheiving a state of perfection. To paraphrase another poster, perfection denotes stagnation - no where to go from there, and nothing but death once reached. And in Nature, nothing is...
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    Can spirituality really be taught?

    Mmmmm.. this is a good topic. Can one teach spirituality? No - though you can teach a student a means to find their own brand of it. On the same note - can you teach someone to paint inspired art? No - you can only teach them the techniques they can use once inspiration comes of it's own...
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    Past Lives

    I find it rather ironic that I stumbled upon this forum and thread. This subject has been much on my mind this week, but today I was merely looking at a small business forum where I had just registered and saw someone's signature which led me here. (I thank you Brian) Having been fascinated by...