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    The Lost Gospels

    Can’t you bring the story in text format , please?
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    Respected Mee, Do you belong to Jehovah's Witnesses group?
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    A question about Muslims

    Abraham had two wives. One is Hazra. Ishmael came through Hazra, you pronounce (Hagar) The decedent of Ishmael knows as Bani Ismail. Through other wife’s decedent known as Bani Israel. David , Moses come through this branch.
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    "I am Jesus!"

    Your source is not acceptable from Islamic point of view, please.
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    The Quran - through my eyes.

    “It is He Who has created for you (the faculties of)hearing, sight, feeling and understanding: little thanks it is ye give!” [Al-Qur’an 23:78]
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    How can bring them closer?

    So far I know there are 2.5 billion Christian. How many follow the concept of Trinity? Can any one inform me please?
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    How can bring them closer?

    Though this is not the principle focus of my discussion but it is an obligation on me to refute your statement. It is misleading and untrue. Islam and Islamic leader or Muslim by name obviously not synonymous. Islam means peace and it dose not advocate violence. Islam cannot be judge...
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    How can bring them closer?

    Mr Thomas, Peace , Blessing and Mercy of Allah(swt) be on of you all. I agree , Islam dose not admit 1+1+1=1 I have a question, So far I know there are 2.5 billion Christian. How many follow the concept of Trinity? Do you think the Concept of Trinity should be a barrier to establish good...
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    How can bring them closer?

    Is there any way to bring them closer, Christianity and Islam?
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    would you vote for a jewish or muslim President of the U.S.?

    Muslim believe Jesus (Pbuh) as mighty messenger of God, Prophet but they don’t consider him as God.
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    "I am Jesus!"

    Where did you get it, please?
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    “Be not afraid, open the doors to Christ.”

    Monument to John Paul II almost ready in Cuba Havana, Jan 31, 2008 / 06:52 pm (CNA).- A tower, a bell, a cross and a statue of John Paul II make up the new monument dedicated to the late Pontiff who visited Cuba a decade ago and that will be inaugurated on February 23 by Cardinal Tarcisio...
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    Wikipedia's 'Catholic Expert'

    Sad, fake people is every where.
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    Assalamu Alalikum I'm back

    Why not? Entire community badly suffering in the scarcity of real scholar. From here , Inshaallah , many of you will come up. Follow the first word of revelation “IQRA” unfortunately we are practicing “Laiqra”.
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    Jesus is not God....part 2

    All the great people speak in such a way. He was a prophet and mighty messenger of Allah(swt).
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    Give me any statement .....

    But you have quoted from the book? Need careful study , hope it is a good stuff.
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    Give me any statement .....

    Peace be on you, You are correct.
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    Give me any statement .....

    No , there is no any such unequivocal statement from the mouth of Prophet Jesus(Pbuh).
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    CONCEPT OF GOD IN Islam and Hinduism

    I give my thanks to islamis4u, Comparative religion is an interesting subject as well as it can turn as boomerang. So, it is better to move slowly with firm step. Oneness of God , the one and only God (Allah) is the central focus of the thread. Veda, Upanishad, Gita (Hindu...
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    CONCEPT OF GOD IN Islam and Hinduism

    Respected noctury, Peace be on you. We learn throw different media, to acquire knowledge reading play an important role. It is better to acknowledge the name of author as I think. But the point, what you deny or differ of her /his post? " . . . come let us reason together." Isaiah...