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    Alien Religions

    I would think that an civilization unknown to us - alien - would experience a like pattern of development or timeline similar to that of existence on earth. Whatever its truths would follow a like process - something like - awareness, curiosity, thought development, reasoning, application...
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    Was joining your particular religious order your own choice?

    Somewhat yes. I was raised in Baptist and Churches of Christ, along with Sunday schools and the summer church thing. I actually was never comfortable in either and was always scared scatless that I was going to get struck down for breathing wrong. And a near my age but older sister was a...
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    'You will burn in hell!'

    No victim, no crime. Sounds kinda libertarian to me. And there is no hell in after life unless you venture to near a star. The only hell is suffering the consequence of a guilty conscience... and that's a human thing.
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    What is Your Perception of God?

    That was always a sticking point for me. If I had to have a perception of who/what is God then all I could get was the statue of Abraham Lincoln in DC. Or a big billowy cloud on a hot humid day. But I also knew that wasn't right so it was always a problem. But I kept thinking about, trying...
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    'You will burn in hell!'

    I got started on my spiritual quest back in the mid-70's while reading Baba Ram Dass, Be Here Now
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    'You will burn in hell!'

    No need to challenge them. What really do you think you could change about a 'born again' believer? If their 'truths' don't work for you then obviously they are not your 'truths'. Enjoy the encounter, leave with best wishes. No harm done. I was thrown out of the DU for endorsing libertarian...
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    How would you react?

    Most of my adult life I've had the contention that if there no 'thing' there after life that it wouldn't matter as I won't be here to care. Should that be a confirmed reality it wouldn't mean that I would abandon the Christian principles with which I was reared.
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    Heaven without Spouses? Theosophy's view

    I started reading this thread with a curiosity of meeting up with ex-wives. Little had I realized it would deal with ex-wife issues in a semi-human context. So, here goes... I resolved the seat up/down issue late one night in a hilarious drunken stupor. I use the tub, run a dash of cold...
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    Is anyone here knowledgeable of Kabbalah?

    I first read this thread yesterday and remembered that I have a book titled 'Kabbalah'. It's been sitting on a shelf since I bought it, April 30, 1995. I've always known I'd evolve into an interest in things 'Kabbalist', and here we are. I don't think the content of the book is what I was...
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    Do you have doubts?

    I'd say... 'Go for it' It's not like you're going to be here to care anyway
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    Do you have doubts?

    I would think evidence is that you are still alive and asking questions about Belief and Spirituality opposed to non-existent
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    Do you have doubts?

    I've always thought that the Christian faith as intended by Jesus was laid asunder by organized religion's portrayal of politics guised as goodness and mercy < in an historic concept, of course.
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    Do you have doubts?

    I would suspect the Diety as described and/or presented in the Bible is something of a myth, or not as mythterious as it may seem to be. Don't do the asbestos thing unless you just like asbestos. I used to have my Levi's heavy starched and they would wear almost like asbestos incrusted...
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    Better than others!

    That shouldn't be a problem. That you participate on a forum designed as 'spiritual' shows you have some curiosity and/or are open to external input. That could be a growth stimulant, just depending on your own receptivity. That you don't pursue growth or feel a need for growth doesn't make...
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    Better than others!

    Christians also are on a journey, each traveling at his own speed which may vary from one encounter to the next. Some might acknowledge that a person who acts superior might actually be acting out a defense mechanism. Are you intimidating? (I suspect not) A good course of action might be to...
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    TV series!!! :D

    Jack is back... 24: Try Another Time
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    Good Sleeping Tips

    My house was broken in to in summer 2009. I went through a couple of years of not sleeping well at all. My hyper sensitivity started settling down a couple of years ago and recently I've started eating a banana before bed. Since I've started eating a small banana my sleep has improved...
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    7 Steps to Health...

    With practice you could learn to save on inter-planetary long distance calls.
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    Affordable (obama)Care Act

    The ACA is a thoughtful principle that has been badly developed and implemented as a practice. Why was this atrocity necessary? Any person in the U.S. in need of medical care could go to an emergency room for treatment and would not be denied due to no medical care coverage. The ACA is NOT...