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    Clash of civilizations between the ears?

    Perhaps I misunderstood that last post, but did you really mean to say that the Iraq war is the bloodiest war in history Postmaster? Are you honestly trying to claim that the "War on Terrorism" is bloodier than World War 2, or the Indian exterminations in the America's?
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    Personally, I look at your situation and I say, you're 23 your relationships shouldn't be about compromising and difficulties yet. Go out, have fun, meet a million and a half guys, talk to them all, and most likely one of them will be even more super than the guy you are "with" right now, but...
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    Fear of God

    "how do you know?" Thats actually a good question, that I cannot answer. To be honest, from a very strict definition of the word know, I don't know anything. The only thing beyond doubt is my own existence. Everything else is subject to uncertainty. However, I feel more sure of the existence...
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    Should England fear the Bible brigade? by George Michael

    Christianity as a whole abandoned the Old Testament as a source of actual law a long time ago. I see no reason why more weight should be given to the sections condemning homosexuality than to the sections commanding that a woman not go to church while menstruating or the sections regulating what...
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    Fear of God

    I wanted to put this thread in this section so that a wide rang of opinions can be expressed without havin to worry overmuch about offending some. A comment was made fairly recently on another thread, and it is a common sentiment expressed by atheists that belief in God, or gods, or any...
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    Is it cool to beat your wife?

    You know I used to share your total black and white view that it is always wrong for a man to hit a woman, until the first time my ex-girlfriend punched me in the face. I think there are times when the only appropriate response to a person is violence, however I don't think "disobedience" is one...
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    Let's talk Terrorists.

    Taijasi- I find it interesting that after so vehemently opposing "ridiculous dualities" you give in to just that mindset. All of your attacks on Christianity do nothing to support Islam, just as a Creationists attack on Evolution do not make Creation any stronger. Tearing down one group does...
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    Logic and Faith: Oil and Water?

    "Religious types are to my mind 'seekers of comfort'." I had this conversation with an atheist once before, and I think I may even make a thread about it in the comparative religions forum, but I wanted to comment directly on this comment here. My faith in God does not make me comfortable...
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    Presence of God in science

    No no Bandit, you misunderstand. We needn't have science to have faith, but we must have science to have a conception of faith as opposed to science. Point being simply that trying to ferret out the scientific from the spiritual from a time period when science didn't exist is nigh on to...
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    Why God Permits Suffering to Humankind

    I know I am a little ways out of the "mainstream" of Christian thought, but hopefully my thoughts won't upset anyone. I don't think there is a such thing as objective evil. I don't think it is evil when a tornado tears through a town, I don't think it is evil when a hurricane rips apart a...
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    Presence of God in science

    Nothing miraculous can be demonstrated rationally, because that is the definition of miraculous, it is something which occurs that shouldn't. If it were rationally explainable, it wouldn't be a miracle. That said, I don't think anything from that long in the past can be demonstrated to be...
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    "Or before he dies, he greives for what he will never have, then has to suffer the ignoble act of being murdered as well. No, your concept doesn't fly. " I don't know about you, but I have no fear of death. I would much rather be dead than see my loved ones die and live with the pain...
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    Gentle Religious Humor

    A young couple are on their way to their wedding when the train they are riding in derails killing everyone on board. They arrive heaven with most of their wedding party. As they stand at the gates they look longingly at each other and regret their inability to be married prior to their death...
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    Just a thought here. People often talk about giving their life as the greatest possible sacrifice. However, if you really consider it, choosing to die for another can be seen as a very selfish act. If someone were to take a man and his wife and tell them one of them would die and the other would...
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    Just for the sake of argument, the Platonic response to the statement about passing on one's genes would be; why do you want to pass on your genes? Of course Plato would claim that you want it because it creates a feeling of satisfaction, and/or fitting into nature, which in turn leads to...
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    I don't know it doesn't exist. However, I don't see how any animal could ever take an action that did not benefit that animal. Even if the benefit is purely psychological, it is a benefit. I have never seen an example of actual altruism, despite the attempts of numerous classmates and co-workers...
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    Ethics of Euthanasia

    People wake up from coma's quite often. The truth is we know far less about the boundary between life and death than we think we do. I think it is incredibly presumptuos to kill a person simply because they have, for the moment, lost the ability to fend for themselves.
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    Not only do I not believe it is possible to be atlruisitc, I don't believe it would be desirable. I think the greatest good any person can aim at is their own good. To truly achieve your own good, however, you must be aware and interested in those around you, as they have a massive impact on...
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    Ethics of Euthanasia

    What if the person doesn't want their suffering ended? How much suffering is enough that the person should be terminated?
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    God versus Satan

    The Hellblazer comic books present an interesting theory of exactly who Satan is. According to Ennis Satan is God's conscience, pulled from his mind and given physical form, so that God could kick it out of heaven and do whatever he wished. Therefore, Satan isn't fighting a war he thinks he can...