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  1. Iomharr

    "The One"

    Interesting concept. I have a couple of Cunningham's Wicca books but never saw mention of "the One." In either the Dummies Guide or Complete Idiots Guide to Wicca I flipped through in a bookstore, there is mention of "the All" from which the Lord and Lady came. Though I'm Asatru and heathens...
  2. Iomharr


    I thought I'd chime in on this older thread. There are many different variants of the Germanic religion. As far as I know Wotanism is different from Asatru in that it has a heavier focus on politics and race. Most Germanic reconstructionists don't see WOTAN-ism (distinct from Odinism) as a...
  3. Iomharr

    Iomharr's Intro

    Thank you all for the welcome. :D To my knowledge there are 50-100 Asatruar in my area, a major North American city. There are probably more who practice alone without a kindred. Modern Asatru is only about thirty years old so naturally there aren't very many of us at this time. One usually...
  4. Iomharr

    Your beliefs: what are they REALLY?

    My results: 1. Hinduism (100%) 2. Unitarian Universalism (94%) 3. Mahayana Buddhism (89%) 4. Neo-Pagan (82%) 5. Sikhism (81%) 6. Theravada Buddhism (75%) 7. Jainism (75%) 8. Bahá'í Faith (70%) 9. Liberal Quakers (68%) 10. Orthodox Judaism (66%) 11. Reform Judaism (63%) 12. New Age...
  5. Iomharr

    Iomharr's Intro

    Hello to the board, I am a 30-something, happily married Asatruar. I love thinking about religion and learning about all the different belief systems. Looks like a nice forum you have here so I thought I'd join. :) Iomharr