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    Promoting a gay priest to bishop

    Re: I expected more from Anglicanism Perhaps I expected to much from Anglicanism. Perhaps I have tunnel vision after reading so many of Bishop Spong's books. I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church, but in 1980, at the communion rail (low church) I realized I no longer believed. I salvaged what...
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    Promoting a gay priest to bishop

    Re: Bishop says Homos are lower than beasts In response to the Anglican Communion's report on the "Gay bishop" problem and the blessing of same sex unions The Archbishop of Nigeria Peter Akinola, as reported in "The Guardian" (on line) said, "Homosexuals are lower than beasts" . I wonder, what...
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    Can Reconstructionism and Traditionalism work?

    Hey Erynn, What a good point about "the Celtic Deities" calling certain individual to rekindle the traditional Celtic spirituality. I didn't understand the calling of these individuals . That wisdom would have saved me a few arguments. Don't get me wrong I'm still friends with most of these...
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    Tarot cards

    Hello, I am a devotee of the Tarot and also I collect vintage Tarot decks. The basic decks are the best. A good learning deck is of course the Rider-Waite deck which springs from the work done by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn at the turn of the last century. Plus, There is a huge...
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    The Key to Revelation 7:4

    There are still people who claim to be disciples of John the Baptist in Iraq and Iran. They are called Mandaenist and also Sabians. These religions have their own literature and traditions. There were other exstinct sects which have historical mentions. Most seem to have left...
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    The Key to Revelation 7:4

    The book of the Revelation of John has a very checkered history as to it's being in the Christian Canon. It's Greek is filled with Hebrew and or Aramaic idoms. The Revelation is not like the other works attributed to John ( The Gospel of John, or Epistles I, II, III). In the highly acclaimed...
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    Choosing your religion!

    1. 100% Neo-Pagan no suprise here. 2. 90% New Age Use of Tarot Cards 3. 76% Mahayana Buddhist no suprise 4. 75% Hinduism Hare Krisna 5. 74 % Unitarian/Universalist one of my ancestral strains 6. 62% Liberal Quaker another ancestral strain 7. 55% Theraveda Buddhist okay 8. 54%...
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    Church driving gay into Neopaganism?

    Hello, There is a great book, "Blossom of Bone" which deals with the history of GLBT spirituality and religion in a historical context. One of the ideas in the book is that the official "Church" has always been anti GLBT. In the ancient world in many of the matrifocal cults, GLBT people acted...
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    What's your favorite movie?

    Here is the truth: I also constructed an in ground tomb for my mummy turtle( cigar box) and filled it with all the little turtle stuff( except the bowl). And burried it in the back yard. My parents sold that house and we moved so I'm not sure what happened.
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    Can Reconstructionism and Traditionalism work?

    Hello, I hope people don't think I am hostile to reconstructionists and their effort to reconnect to the energy of their ancestors. There are some very sucsessfull groups.
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    Yahweh in Ebla...

    Ebla was a bronze Age city state in what is now Syria on the Orantes River. It was excavated in the 60's by a team from the University of Rome. About 15,000 fragments of cuniform tablets were found, Or about 2,500 intact ones. The initial field translations were electric. It seemed to...
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    What's your favorite movie?

    I love the Movie "Andei Roublev" by Andrei Tarkovsky. I love "The Matrix". I liked "The Matrix Reloaded". "Matrix Revolution" was okay. The LOTR movies were fair to marginally bad, but I've been reading Tolkein since the sixties. The HBO movie "Angels in America" I give it 5 stars out...
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    Documents Hypothesis (Redaction Theory)

    I have always found the theory a little to artifical and materialist. I think some of it is valid. I just read Harold Bloom's and David Rosenberg's "The Book of J" . Harold Bloom has a way of swaying me. What I find so refreshing about "The Book of J" is that Rosenthal is a poet and Bloom...
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    The 'Passion' reconsidered

    Re: The 'Passion' reconsidered ala South Park I have not seen the "Passion" for many reasons, but mainly because I am squeemish. I think Mel was a marketing genius for going to the big Evangelical churches and flogging "the Passion" to them. A lot of those big ministries try and make films. TBN...
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    Promoting a gay priest to bishop

    Dear Quahom, I accept your apology. These are hard times and hard questions. We all have beliefs which are being tried. That's the reason this forum is so important.
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    Jesus is not God....part 2

    This is a very interesting topic. As a liberal somewhat Gnostic Christian, I believe that Jesus was a fully engaged human being who was motivated at the highest level by love. It seems to me that a lot of people talk about Jesus and his "God-head". I'm not sure if I really understand what...
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    Promoting a gay priest to bishop

    Jesus is silent on the subject of homosexuality. I wish his followers would follow his example. The latest up date on the American side is that The American House of Bishops met so there could be a some sort of dialogue between the Conservative and Liberal camps on the "gay issues" facing the...
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    American Dead Memorial at Santa Monica

    I just went down to Santa Monica, California and went walking on the Beach and visited the Santa Monica Pier. It was another beautiful sunny California day with a beautiful blue sky and 70 degrees F. Some "Peace Vets" have made a large display on the beach called, "Arlington West"...
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    Can Reconstructionism and Traditionalism work?

    I believe that a lot of knowledge can be recovered. I believe that connection with ancestor energy can truely give you a solid frame work . I also believe you have to adapt to the modern world. If you pine away for the past you will lose the present and the future. In this flux we call...
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    Past Lives

    I like the idea that all our past, present and future lives are all concurrent in the Universal Now and are expressions of one core life. This theory is discussed in the "Seth Material". I'm not sure if I got it right, but I know Seth talks about individuals being able to go back in time and...