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    Liberal Christianity without Creation?

    Thanks Dondi, I have been coming here irregularly for a couple of years now. I don't often post however, which can be seen clearly :) I am glad you disagree with it. I felt after posting that it incorrectly expressed my thoughts as well. I suspect that in paraphrasing it I will also mangle...
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    Liberal Christianity without Creation?

    I am not really sure if I qualify as a Liberal Christian. I do know that I am not a traditional Christian however. My view does not see the original sin story as actual event. I see it rather as an explanation of why many of us live feeling separated from the creator. Mankind lived in...
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    Gospel of Judas

    Bishop Ireniaus (sic?) mentions the 'Gospel of Judas' and I am sure he associated it to the Gnostics. Assuming he had actual knowledge of it's existance would date the Gospel of Judas to be at least be earlier than 200AD when he died.
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    About Evolution

    I think people (and animals too) are evolving all the time. It is well known that the human jaw for example has become smaller and smaller. Scientists don't need to look 3 million years into the past to see this. This evolution has become more increasingly apparent just in the last couple of...
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    How do you choose your religion?

    I am all for the evolution of faith over the course of our lifes. Naturally I would say this, as this is how my own beliefs have been established. Having said this however, I would think that should someone be fortunate enough to have their beliefs fall into the faith structure of an organised...
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    Prophecy of the Future vs Freedom of Choice

    I always thought differently about the Genesis story. In my view, rather than receiving free will, Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and gained intelligence or discrimination. Knowledge of Good and Evil. What is interesting about *Good* and *Evil* is that the view of such varies...
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    Does God interfere?

    Hello, I am free :) Does God interfere? I thought that this was a very interesting question. There have been times in my life, where I wished God had interfered.. and times where I am sure he has. I guess (for me at least) there seems to be a combination of positive thinking and hope/faith that...
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    Genesis 3:3-4

    I read somewhere once, that knowledge was the enemy of faith. I guess I view the original sin in a different light. To me, to make a decision based on the absence of knowledge is true free will. When you have knowledge, your decisions are then based on what you know.. how is that free will...
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    Alternative Christian Awakenings

    I have really enjoyed reading all the threads here and would like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences. Hopefully some of you may find something interesting in my experience towards an alternative, yet Christian philosophy. When I was a child I was obsessed with God. I was most...
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    Jesus died: we're all saved?

    I have always wondered why the dead of Jesus, is called a *sacrifice*. From what I read, at its' time, there didn't seem to be anything ceremonial/sacrifical about his dead at all. I presume that because Jesus could of saved himself from this death, but didn't, it is considered a sacrifice...
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    Why is Jesus called son of God?

    Thank you, Sacred Star :)
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    Why is Jesus called son of God?

    I will be the first to admit that I have often found the Bible confusing. It is because of this confusion that I always now read the bible in thier individual books, looking at their context to timeline etc.. and try not to reference one book against another unless within that book it...
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    Past Lives

    I used to work as a past life therapist and have often regressed people with meditation and hypnotherapy into their past lives. I worked for a local spiritual healing centre. Over a period of about 4 years, I worked with approximately 25 - 30 clients. (On a rough guess) I thought I would...
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    the da vinci code/HBHG etc etc etc

    A friend of mine raved over this book and pushed it on to me to read. Odd thing was, I only just recently decided to read it (some weeks later) and forgot I already had it as they left as a loan.. so after spending all day in shops looking for it, I came home to find it on my shelf. Result...
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    If you are wrong, do you go to hell?

    Marsh, I thought you wrote an interesting topic of discussion. I was a strict Christian for many years and now I follow a variety of principles in faith, many of which are still strongly influenced by the Christian religion. I believe that God is a Supreme Intelligence that, as the creator...