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    Fear of religion

    From Louis.. Is it realy "religion" you fear or "church" ? Religion is honest human curiosity about the nature of "reality" - what we are and how we relate to the world around us - except it comes from the instinctive, emotional side of the mind instead of the evidence-based, intellectual...
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    From Louis - I have the same problem, if you want to call it that. I have also asked for definitions and been told it's a "personal" thing . But if so personal, why can't anyone define it ? Or maybe they just don't want to examine it closely - in case it might turn out to be something...
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    Ulitmate Question!

    From Louis... It was not I - it was Brian who first used the term "reductionist" - it was his definition of the term that SEEMED to apply to me. But YOUR definition does not describe me at all..! Although I must disagree with the second part of your reply - to sit on a chair and simply have...
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    Where do WE begin & end?

    From Louis.... I totaly agree with you. I have never understood religeous belief or faith - maybe that's because I'm a little bit autistic and I don't think much about things outside of myself. But I do draw pictures ( which are like little pieces of my thoughts and feelings ) and other...
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    Ulitmate Question!

    From Louis ..... Hi - I'm an outsider - another label that seems to fit me is "reductionist". No form of "religious" belief has ever made sense to me - I don't understand why some people are attracted to the idea of a "Deity" or why others are repelled and call themselves "Atheists" - I...
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    defining religion

    From Louis : First let me say that I have always perceived a difference between "religion" and "church". What you have described is "church".
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    "a" or "the" true religion

    "the" true religion From Louis ..... It seems to me that the notion that only "one religion" can be the "true religion" is something promoted by "church". I have always made a distinction between "religion" and "church" - the man-made organization that sets itself up as a conduit...
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    Before the Law

    Re: "the Law" "No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you. I am now going to shut it." From Louis.... I assume "The Law" is symbolic of something you "really want". In which case, I agree with Mr. Darrow -when you're offered ANY chance at what you...
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    is Evil real?

    for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible. for those who do believe, no explanation is necessary. From Louis..... I've read that statement so often.... quite fascinating to someone like me - one who neither believes nor disbelieves - at least not in the "religious" sense...
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    MY Identity From Louis .... I couldn't disagree more !!! As "Popeye, the Sailor" used to say : " I am what I am ! " Not what anyone else says I am. Our sense of who and what we are should always depend on how we judge OURSELVES - not how others judge us.
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    However, for the secularist, coming to an appreciation of God in their own way often entails a lack of identity. There seems to be some form of psychological pressure that we should orientate our perception of God alone one of many old and new paths. From Louis.... An interesting "Freudian...
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    Sum up your religious belief

    religious belief ? if i had to sum up my religious belifes, there are several things that i could say... so here's how i'd say it: From Louis.... I have always considered myself to be free of ANY religious beliefs, but I suppose that, in a way, is also a form of belief.... In brief, I...
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    Thoughts on the Passion

    mistranslation now.. you say something here that i find very interesting... are you saying that Jesus descended into Hell and then went to Heaven? and this is the significance of the Ressurrection? From Louis.... Just a note to clear this up - The idea of Jesus going to "Hell" is the...
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    Thoughts on the Passion

    my thoughts on movies Hey guys. I was just watching the news and saw a thing on the Mel Gibson movie the Passion, and was wondering what you thought. From Louis.... I'm a BIG movie fan and I've seen plenty of so-called "religious" movies. Most of them were just Hollywood entertainments...
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    socio-cultural evolution

    elemental religion Even before then, when humans lived in caves, killed mammoths with spears and drew pictures on the walls, there existed an elemental religion. I am fascinated by this period of time From Louis.... I am also interested in that "elemental" period - especially "drawing...
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    Are miracles real?

    miracles How real are miracles, and why are they so often the focus for ancient literature? From Louis.... An interesting topic - worthy of more than one comment. What exactly do people mean by "miracles" ? If we assume the existence of a living intelligence that made all of reality...
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    Science and Faith

    Science and Faith ? I have to say, that I intensely dislike it when "science" is tied to any form of religious or spiritual belief - it always seems like a faith is trying desperately to gain validation via some objective process - which, ultimately, cannot validate it. From Louis...
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    Ridiculous devotion?

    crucifictions Basically, a number of people in the Philipines have themselves ritually crucified, nails and all, every Easter. Anyone else think this is just a little extreme? From Louis... Of course I think it's extreme... but they're only "acting out" in a physical way what they've...
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    Are miracles real?

    Were miracles really so common - or is it that they were a natural misunderstanding of the natural world, an expression of superstitious fears, or else even plain propaganda? From Louis... I personaly suspect that ALL those explainations apply. Maybe some "magical" events were invented by...