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    Favorite Song Lyrics

    For my loved ones. MONICA - For You I Will Lyrics When you're feeling lost in the night,... When you feel your world just ain't right... Call on me, I will be waiting... Count on me, I will be there... Anytime the times get too tough,.... Anytime your best ain't enough... I'll be the one to...
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    Favorite Song Lyrics

    A bit of modern day soul ........ Artist - Mary Mary Album - Thankful Lyrics - Can't Give Up Now No one said there will be mountains that I will have to climb And no one said there will be battles that I will have to fight But victory all defeat, it's up to me to decide But how can I...
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    Favorite Bible Quotes

    Proverbs 15:17 - Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith. Proverbs 22:11 - He that loveth pureness of heart, for the grace of his lips the king shall be his friend. James 1:4 - But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and...
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    The Science of Kabbalah

    Hi kabbalah, Excellent so it is science of thought or more precisely theoretical science as opposed to science that can be proved by tried and tested methods. This hints toward the holgraphic principle of the universe. According to this theory that also ties in with Adam and the...
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    A little game.

    You got it!!! That was well done!:D Kelcie
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    A little game.

    hmmm... ok significant years are 1930 and 1955 Failed an entrance exam. Kelcie:)
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    It's all bananas

    Hi pohaikawahine, Thats good to know. Perhaps now we can dispense with apples for the moment. Thanks Kelcie:)
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    A little game.

    Okay cool! Here it is The uhmna creature is part of the unbroken, named by all the breathing space, a part confined in watch and unfilled. He familiarizes himself, soontime, an article different from other species.a kind of optical sluidone of his tend. This sluidone is a gentle of lock up for...
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    A little game.

    Cool! That was a hard one. So are we still waiting for Phyllis or shall I do another one while we wait? Kelcie:)
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    Is God omniscient or limited?

    God is limited only when we come from a very limited understanding and view of him. However that does not mean he is limited! He is omniscient, some just dont see that yet. Perhaps someone has already said this so I am inclined to agree if they have:) Kelcie:)
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    A little game.

    Is it..... John Milton, Paradise Lost????? Kelcie:)
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    A little game.

    Hi Quahom, That was it Excellent!!!!! Now to try to decipher your cryptic one with rythm and flow hmmmmm........:confused: Kelcie:)
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    A little game.

    Hehe okay.... Born in 1803.:p Kelcie:)
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    A little game.

    Want another clue?;) Kelcie:)
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    way to peace

    Hi Mee, I agree, especially if your heart departs from the lord as is stated in Jeremiah 17;5. Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. Therefore the heart will indeed becomes more treacherous and...
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    Genesis 3:3-4

    HI truthseeker, Thank you for your warm welcome and appreciation. Agreed, perhaps this is because we become more familiar with the feelings of GOD just as we do in love relationships. In love relationships at the beginning there is intense feelings of excitement and love but as they...
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    Creationism or evolution?

    Hi Abogado del Diablo, I agree with this. If we go on the premise that God is in all things, we will see he is in both science and in religion. Creationism and Evolutionism. Kelcie:)
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    way to peace

    Hi Mee, Interesting thing about interpretations, there just happens to be more and more created as each century passes. What is important however, is to listen to your heart. I do agree that Jesus would be the king of the heavenly kingdom. Kelcie:)
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    The Story of a Straying Lamb

    Hi Faithfulservant, That was very beautiful! Thanks Kelcie:)
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    how do we escape from the antropocentric belief/risk?

    Hi eumeme, Just some thoughts on your post. [color=black]