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    The Necronomicon: Fact or Fiction?

    Well, you know. You can believe whatchya wanna believe. It's YOUR mind. :cool: Not theirs. (Porphyria et all.) {{{{BELCH}}}}
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    What is the soul?

    I believe the soul...the mind...the body....the one. One thing. Reality. One flesh. Physical...atomic structure. I know a girl...whom the mist follows...everywhere she goes. :eek:
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    The Necronomicon: Fact or Fiction?

    Any thoughts? :eek:
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    What form does the Goddess have?

    The Moon..........doesn't really...exist. It's just a reflection of The Sun. :cool:
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    Daily Wisdom Saying

    i would like to add to the song: i am the moon. i am the stars. i am the flies. i have a thousand eyes. ~ some bum lighting his cigarette.
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    What form does the Goddess have?

    Thank you. Pleasure to be here. Yes, Leland. Heh. (I take full responsibility for the propagation of this work on the net as it exists in its present form. My personal edition of the sacred-texts version was pulled about 3 years ago & now remains undisclosed to the public.) :rolleyes...
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    What's your favorite movie?

    The Road Warrior/Mad Max series, starring Mel Gibson.
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    Favourite Wreckurd?

    Top 2: Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables by The Dead Kennedys & Crass. :cool:
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    Teacher Talk

    Very insightful. Really. I couldn't agree with you more. Most potential students I come into contact with, however, have more money than tradable goods so....I find myself inclined to accept money as fair exchange for whatever service I am able to provide. We all know, of course, that there...
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    New Girl

    Careful. ;)
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    What form does the Goddess have?

    Easier for me to just provide a to how I see Her: One could certainly throw up the argument that, no, She is not likened to the Darkness...but to the Light. But, then....I'm talking face value, here. Physical organs.......Adam & Eve etc...