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    Francis king is moving on... adios all!

    ...Dear All, the time for me to journey on has arrived...I am leaving IO for pastures new... I request my name be expunged from the records, and my email addy deleted... thank you in advance for that, Brian... ...why am I leaving?... because, mainly, I am bored now...I have discovered that...
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    I seek the opinions of avid readers of fiction!

    As some of you may or may not know, for the past year I have been working on a novel. It currently stands at... 211,000 words and I am at last on the final edit! Soon I will send it away and try to find a buyer... Now, I am aware that, conventionally speaking, this novel is far too long. Most...
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    the "I feel" thread is locked- but I'm not finished!

    i come back, and see the thread is locked, which does not give me room to reply. I resent the insinuation that Tao and I ganged up to attack him- we did not. I called him a big whining girl and a hypocrite- but thats what he was doing, and being- and I stand by that- he called me stupid-...
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    bruno the hassidic jew?

    hello all... I have just watched a trailer for the Sasha Baron Cohen film about the gay fashion man Bruno... hahahaa he was in the jewish neighbourhood, and all around him are guys in funny hats with ringlets- he too wears a black hat, black suit combo, too, except... he shows his midriff, and...
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    an easter txt msg

    recieved a msg yesterday, it read... "... it was on this day that Jesus was crucifed, a crown of thorns placed on his head. Around him were the twelve disciples. In agony, wounded, nails through his hands and feet, he gazed down upon his disciples and said... ...don't blooming touch my...
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    Francis goes green

    wah hey!!! Fran today has signed up for an allotment... I have to go back soon and pick up my keys!! I'm all excited- I've been on the waiting list for... three years... in some parts of the country you can't give allotments away- where I live all the hippies want them so they can join the...
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    psychic or just deluded?

    I would like advice, please, ppl... I am a psychic. I have always been a psychic. I am an old fashioned traditional type of psychic- one who has "visions" while awake and "precognitive dreams" while asleep. You will never find me at the local Mind Body and Spirit fair getting reiki healing. I...
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    anyone in the house know anything about solomon and skeet fish?

    hello, posted this here as was not sure where else to put it... As u may or may not know, I am writing a book... I like to do research, and I have ended up looking into the legends of King Solomon... now, when raguel helped to catch asmodeus, he supposedly burnt the liver hearts and gall of...
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    its a funny old world

    I'm not one for cruelty to animals, but still... check this out... hahaha... Caution Over Kitten Stuffed Into Drug Bong - Yahoo! News UK
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    for snoopy... following on... from fran

    I didn't want to derail the "anger/buddhism" thread or the "what do u believe" thread, so thought I'd read both and then come here and... furnish you with some insight... you might not want it, but such is life... I am compelled by my ego to perform for u, and so shall do it here... For me, I...
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    francis in the mental hospital

    Dear all, I am currently working in an acute inpatient psychiatric facility and would like to make available a space for my thoughts... I will be returning at 10pm tonight (as I'm on a late shift today)... I will write about 15 pages and update this page... hope u are all...
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    Hey buddhists: fancy some at-home "Gampopa's Ornament of Great Realisation study"?

    ...Samye Ling, in Scotland, of the Kagyu lineage, and all round good eggs, are ..."delighted to announce the launch in spring 2008 ...its new three-year home study programme. It is based on ten study months a year..." The main study text will be Gampopa's Ornament of Realisation", and Ken...
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    the Rev. Bob Larson: saint or sinner?

    was watching a tv show about the Rev. last week, and thought I'd ask around on here for other people's thoughts... for those who don't kow of him, Rev. Bob is an exorsist. He's not a catholic, no. He doesn't use the Catholic rites, either. He has his own church. And he trains other people...
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    human stupidity- the curse of mankind

    why is it that people are so stupid? they have masters degrees, but get taken for a ride by conmen, they devote years of their lives studying religion to become more ignorant and less tolerant than before... I have been reading another post about- how we must become like children to enter...
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    when is enough enough?

    hello all... brother is 29, white, and working class... he's currently living on the streets, officially homeless... he's homeless because he refused to pay rent in his last accomodation, and the landlord had to take him to court to evict him. For the past two years he's been...
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    what happenned to the proposed health board?

    I was of the opinion that the forum was going to start a health board, but can see no sign of one... what gives? maybe I missed summat..? no big rush on a reply... cheerio
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    Francis king cracks open the Koran

    hello there... I said I buy a Koran, which I did, and also read it, which I hadn't, yet today I cracked it open... firstly... it's very like the Bible... I'm recognising passages and sentences which I recognise as being part of the New Testament, and secondly, I am suprised to find I am...
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    ladies- make ur own!

    hey girls, I came across this a while ago, but came across it again today and thought I'd post the link... forgive me if I've linked this before... boys- feel free to have a look too, but u might get scared, or scarred, by it...
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    shattered illusions...?

    don't know if this is an appropriate place to post this, but thought I'd have a ramble/rant, and this seems as good a place as any... regardless... ...I have been online now for a while, and have spent a few years involved in a specific online community... I like to think I am relatively...
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    downs syndrome: social perfection?

    I realise this may offend some ppl, yet that is not my aim. I was waiting for a train a few days ago, and a small man with a smile approached me. After asking me a question about the train, he stayed next to me, smiling. Usually this behaviour in an adult male would annoy me and cause me to...