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    No need to imagine, we've seen a few examples of no religion in the last century or so.. not such great places to live for most.
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    Eggs n bunnies n hiding them an grass nest baskets oh my!

    The explanation that makes most sense to me is that Easter is tied to pagan fertility gods, hence eggs and rabbits.
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    about God?

    If there are no right or wrong beliefs doesn't belief become meaningless?
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    I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I do not feel reassured that (not so)secret powers might be controlling the world. This is not different than the atheists who will claim you are a Christian because you feel the need to belong or can't handle death being the end of your existence... or the...
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    Collective Threats Require a New System Of Global Government Talk

    I'd say the biggest trade off in recent years were the laws passed following 9/11(You can choose not to use social media). I don't think this is a thinning of the herd, it is more a litmus test on how far we can be pushed but mainly I think recession is the aim. This recession will likely be...
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    Collective Threats Require a New System Of Global Government Talk

    While we're at it let's trade tangible cash for digital credits.. to stop germs and stuff. I was caught a little off guard by just how willing people are the trade their freedom for the promise of safety.. pretty sure someone said something about that a while ago.
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    Perfect is as all things are

    I think certain thoughts can be wrong. Obviously not as wrong as carrying out the thoughts and turning them into action.
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    Perfect is as all things are

    Ignorance is bliss... perfect bliss. :D I'm gonna go find some fun ways to kill my braincells.. to improve myself.
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    What denomination or sect are you?

    What does atheism claim besides there being no God(s) that we can verify as not being false? Also welcome :)
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    I think you are mixing up being a free thinker with being a jerk. :D having regard for others is not an impediment to free thought is it?
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    Isn't it the other way around? Shouldn't a free thinker question the validity of anything including free thinking?
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    Religious belief it doesn't seem linear

    what sort of aspirations?
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    Perfect is as all things are

    So the moment is perfect due to a lack of knowledge?
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    Corona virus vs religious tradition..

    The one with the super tan and white hair was my favourite back in my insomnia days :D
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    Religious belief it doesn't seem linear

    We are no different than our ancestors, we do not have a stronger moral compass, we are not less violent. The differences in our world, our behaviour are mostly to with technological advancements. If you took an infant from today and place it in a family 2000 years ago, do you think it would...
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    I disagree because I think there is more to Sovereignty than exerting your will over others.. Sorry if I have misunderstood. Also I think it would have to be an "indefinite state of exception". EDIT: Actually even in the case of indefinite state of exception I would not consider it true...
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    I have Parkinson's Disease

    Sorry to hear mate, my mum has something similar but doctors have not been able to diagnose it yet. She's getting tremors in her neck mostly.
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    Last Things

    Depends on how you want to look at it and apply the word "intend". Allah doesn't intend on us to do wrong so when we do this you could say we went against Gods intentions. So, yes you can do something which God did not intend. However He does intend on us to exercise our freewill. Since all our...
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    Last Things

    Allah has set the condition, certain behaviours will have certain results. If you have not made a compact then the verse does not apply to you. So if your heart is hardened it is your own doing.