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    the "dark side" in religions

    I see the darker side of things as necessary. Death and decay, cruelty, they are facts of life. I don't see them as evil that must be fought. Nature is often cruel, that's just how she is. Death is a doorway, a step in the cycle of life, in my humble opinion. It can often be a kindness. It's not...
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    Magick? You mean magic....

    Hey all...:) I do spell it magick, and I do it that way to make it clear I am not refering to stage magicians, illusion, and so on, just as someone mentioned above. Sorry if that makes me sound stupid, but I'm not at all, and therefore...your loss!:D
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    Just a quick thought...some of those who follow the Celtic wheel of the year start celebrating on the eve of the previous day, because way back when, a day was considered to have begun at night fall, rather than at midnight/with the morning as it does now. Which might account for some of the...
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    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    Please don't be nervous of them! I'm sorry if I've upset you. I don't mean to imply that by saying it is advice that I feel I can disregard it at any time. That's certainly not the case, I assure you. As I've mentioned already in a previous post, I and every other Wiccan do my very, very best...
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    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    Thankyou! that's exactly what I meant. Perhaps I could have worded it more clearly. Blessings.
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    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    No, not anarchy. Personal responsability. The having of morals and a good grasp of right and wrong does not depend on being religious.
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    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    :) There are many opinions about the ins and outs of what Wicca is, some Wiccans will hold opinions which directly contradict another's opinion. Happens all the time. With the greatest of respect to you and your family, I have been taught that the Rede is advice, not a rule, in terms of the...
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    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    Hi there. I'd just like to point out that the 'Do as thou will, if it harm none.' saying is NOT a 'rule' in Wicca, it is in fact advice. It is something Wiccans try their hardest to live up to. Such a 'rule' would be impossible to live by. You cannot live and breathe on this planet without the...
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    Church driving gay into Neopaganism?

    Well. I'm Pagan, and I just so happen to be bisexual, but that's not why I'm Pagan. I am Pagan because I'm drawn to it, it makes sense to me. I haven't rejected Christianity, nor do I feel it rejected me. I simply find I can't agree with it's teachings. It's not for me. Simple. However, I do...
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    Wicca / Monothiestic ?????

    Hey all!:) I'm Wiccan. There's a saying that goes a bit like this- 'Ask ten witches a question and you'll get ten different answers.' So this is just my humble opinion, ok? I feel around me a divine force. It is in every thing and everyone. It is the earth, the trees, the sky, even...
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    Does anyone have a good "making true friends" spell?

    Not off hand, no. Try carrying a piece of rose quartz around with you. Get out and meet people. Easier said than done, I know, especially if you're having a hard time at the moment, but magick isn't a replacement for making the effort in the 'real world', it's there to give what you do some...
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    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    I started off trying to make sure I got everything just so, and found it very stressful! Now that I've been practising a while, I've stripped it down some. I honour the goddess by wandering around outside, and when I do magick, I get on with it, rather than taking 2 hours to get to a spell that...