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  1. Eclectic Mystic

    Unethical ads on this site

    Paladin, The whole purpose of ethics is to do just that. Duh.
  2. Eclectic Mystic

    "Al Qaeda Planning a Plot"

    According to CNN, Al Qaeda is "Planning a Plot" As in, they're plotting to plan a plannish plot by means of planhood. No word on whether the plan is plotted or the plot is planned. What they didnt mention is that this is a matter of significance that pertains to material factors pertinent...
  3. Eclectic Mystic

    non-Muslims not allowed in Mecca?

    Tell them "You can't tell me what to do. I go where I want, b*tch"
  4. Eclectic Mystic


    OK, so I'm at the super market and I'm waiting in line and there's this lady with a lot of stuff at the checker, and behind her is this fat guy-- I'm behind him. So when he finally gets to the checker he starts complaining in a loud voice about how slow and incompetent the checker is and how he...
  5. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    Thanks for the post Radar. I would just like you to consider that the Nazis were actually extreme left-wingers.
  6. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    Radar, I pretty much understand everything you're saying, but I do not agree with the notions that these things were done for my benefit (by intention or by consequence) or that I consented to them in any way. And I never tried to say that the lobbied financial debt was invalid-- simply that...
  7. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    What's with this "we" crap? Are you trying to tell me that international bankers and communists didn't engineer what you just described? I sure as hell didn't have anything to do with that crap. I have access to human advances because MY PEOPLE innovated, invented and designed those very...
  8. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    Ah, now I get it. Americans owe them, not because we actually feel any sense of indebtedness, not because we actually want to partake in their culture, but because there's a gun being put to our heads by communists on one side.. ... and another gun being put to our heads by international...
  9. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    Look, I don't mean to sound arrogant or anything, but I can't help it if I notice that there are thousands of Maoheads who flock to MY culture, enroll in MY school and take MY classes so that they can emulate me and copy me. Its flattering and all, but I don't get the part about America "owing"...
  10. Eclectic Mystic

    Why does Romney STARE DOWN the other debaters while they're talking?

    Come on. I can't be the only person who notices this.
  11. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    This is sers biz? I'm shaking in my boots.
  12. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    If they want to collect the banker debt so bad, then I would tell them to come on over and work for it.
  13. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    Besides $4.99 for my Kung Pao Chicken?
  14. Eclectic Mystic

    Re: Maoheads

    What aspects of Chinese culture is America actually benefiting from? The Sun will always rise and set. Love will always exist. I would still have electricity, running water and plumbing without China. Is it for our benefit that we share these things with them, or for theirs? And what exact good...
  15. Eclectic Mystic

    Right-wing Christian political phrases

    Is "Right-wing Christian political phrase" itself a sort of phrase too?
  16. Eclectic Mystic

    Is Islamic belief compatible with democracy?

    You are being hypothetical and making an assertion at the same time. Even if I were to accept this claim, I could still argue that such "preference" and "discrimination" occur only incidentally. There is nothing inherent in the constitution causing any such preference or discrimination. In...
  17. Eclectic Mystic

    Three Monks asana-rama

    Mind explaining what an Asana is?
  18. Eclectic Mystic

    Does God exist?

    What are you doing here? (At least I admit that I'm doing it.)
  19. Eclectic Mystic

    The truth about Trinity

    By the way, what does the Holy Spirit have at all common with these queen goddesses or with Shiva?