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    short post im about to crash out ,i also didnt read all above for same reason Anyhoo heres my 2 cents worth :P Ive not eaten meat or meat products for about 13 years , Not because of the fluffy animals and how cute they are . If we didnt eat cows then cows , like wolves would not exsist in...
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    9/11 - An American Conspiracy?

    "However, take this as you will - but after all, the one superpower can continue to go untouched as long as no other superpower arises - and they're doing their best to make it remain that way." well said anzac the war in vietnam had nothing to do with defeating the vc but to stop russia...
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    Judging books by covers

    nice questions im sure ive seen something simular before . but To judge or at least percieve someone or something before or without first hand knowledge is important to people.It makes us feel familiar or understanding in things were not sure about or dont understand . Russia had in parts...
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    Saudi Arabia - geo-political struggle

    intresting but not exactly the whole picture but things rearly are . Of the 19 hijackers who participated in the September 11 attacks, 15 were from Saudi Arabia. the us had a ban on investigating saudi citizens and has yet to arrest a saudi...
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    what motivated god ?

    @ i brian very poetic but not to the point the god of wind creates the wind its the pupose of the god and the gods motive . simplistic i know but society was too a long time ago . but a god that created all , knows all , what motive is there in that ? i dont profess to understand as god does...
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    what motivated god ?

    @ i brian , i like the idea of the inevitable flower and through the theory of evolution i to subscirbe to the inevitable flowers place in exsistence . But the question was more direct as multi god religions tend to have gods with motive ,i.e. a god that creates wind ,the god of wind has motive...
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    what motivated god ?

    As a non thiest i have pondered many times the question of gods/dietys motive for creation ?
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    Biblical Translation.

    @ bannanabrain so your saying that if you read the torah and find it relevent your've understood it ? I have raed a torah but didnt find it relevant so are you saying that i didnt ubderstand the text , i suppose you are . Sounds the same thing my islamic friend said about jews and christians...
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    What is a "religion"?

    Another great thread with many intresting points . This suffering thing dont hold with me as it could be said "if no god , then why dont man live in a natrual order like beasts ?". Some of the oldest beliefs is based on the reason we suffer and if we worship god suffering will seace . i see...
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    9/11 - An American Conspiracy?

    ancient history is hard to believe either way as documentation is rare and no eye witnesses .it could have been christians who burnt rome who knows ? but it is generally agreed that nero was one who ordered the burning. heres something on putin ...
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    Religion as an excuse for war?
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    Are toy guns bad?

    ok its was a flippant remark to outline anything can be perseved as a weapon . wooden match boxes were banned from football terraces as were newspapers in the past as both can be used as weapons . Does this suffice ?
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    A bit of history

    the northwoods doc does have a summury but heres a news report about it :
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    Biblical Translation.

    you dont have to be a "conspiracy thinker" just to notice that there are many versions of the bible you just need to look in a book store .unless book stores are owned by "conspiracy thinkers". "conspiracy on a gargantuan scale" are you refering to the christian church if so i would like you to...
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    9/11 - An American Conspiracy?

    @ vajradhara please explain whats so "woefully inaccurate" about the daily mirror report ? aslo i will be glad to point anyone to the sources i have used but i did skip over a large subject with many sources so one point at a time please the idea of killing civillians to blame rivals is not a...
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    Religion as an excuse for war?

    @ thomas areyou saying that churchs and religions have no power ? sorry to disagree but althogh religions may not start the war they are an integral part of it . Anyone here church of england ? as they invest more in weapons production than anyone else in the country even more than the...
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    Environmental hypocrisy?

    not the latest but still relevant
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    Fish intelligence revised

    Fish , Birds and Animals have always been intelligent and anyone who spends time with any speices will get to understand that . maybe not cattle as these species have been domesticated for many a year . But time and time again each species becomes "intelligent" only when a scientific study hs...
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    Biblical Translation.

    @ bannanabrain are you saying the text is no good unless someone tells you what it really means ? and it has no relevance ?
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    Biblical Translation.

    34:14 for ye do not bow yourselves to another god -- for Jehovah, whose name `is' Zealous, is a zealous God. 34:15 `Lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitant of the land, and they have gone a-whoring after their gods, and have sacrificed to their gods, and `one' hath called to thee, and...