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    Money root to all evil.

    Forgive me if this has been covered before, but just for clarification; from a Christian point of view, love of money is a root of evils, not the root of all evil, in accordance with a proper translation of I Timothy 6:10. Desire for money or gain gives rise to many evils, but there are...
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    Comparative-religion Statistics?

    Whew, that's really a broad topic. Church history is such a large and involved study, you'll probably need to supplement whatever you are told in here by your own research. So much of it is dependent on the point of view of the person who is recounting the events. Formal divisions in...
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    For Sale: Religion!!!

    It's no surprise that it seems like religion (or, more specifically, Christianity) seems these days like a commodity being sold. A great many of the techniques used in what is loosely called the "church growth movement" are taken directly from marketing strategies employed by companies...