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    To me tolerance is not judging others for their beliefs just because you believe differently. We are all on the same journey, we each need to find our own path. Tolerance is accepting that your path may be different than mine but it's getting us both where we need to be.
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    Circumcision: who invented it?

    Both of my sons were circumcised at 1 day old. I was really outnumbered in this decision and was convinced that it was for their own good, looking back on it, I wonder....... I remember crying hysterically when they took my oldest son, Matthew away to be circumcised in the hospital. I...
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    "a" or "the" true religion

    I agree with the concept of all of us carry a little piece of the truth within us, and no one spirituality/religion can fulfill everyone spiritually. This is what I believe: The Divine Entity is at the top of the mountain and we all have to find our own way to get there. There are many roads...
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    Christians and Magic/Harry Potter

    I teach Middle School and I agree with those who said if it gets kids reading then I'm all for it. I further agree that HP is not a threat to our immortal souls. For those who think that is , I offer this advice : Don't read it !!
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    Hi All

    I'm so glad I've found this forum. I googled to research past lives and came across this forum. This forum has everything I've been looking for in a spiritual discussion forum. I look forward to sharing my viewpoints here and to experience yours. Thank you for the opportunity to grow...