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    ghosts amongst us?

    hi everyone! i'v been talking to people recently about their beliefs regarding death and ghosts/spirits, and a lot of them hav experiences of what they think are people coming back to see them, spirits who live in their house etc, and iv been wondering what peoples opinions and views about...
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    pema chodron

    hey everyone, below is a link to a website that has a lot of material about pema chodron and how she practises, and thought it might be a useful if not interesting read for some people. especially as is it is so accesable. her way of practising is so gentle and she emphasises a ballance...
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    Trouble with my big attachment

    hey i also dont have atachmetns to sport, bt i hope i can still help in some way. One of the things that i'v been quite addicted to and attached too has been Call of Duty, the PC WW2 game. its funny but i really get into it when i play it. learning to deal with it more light-heartedly and...
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    Calling all veggies

    yeah i read that H H Dali Lama eats meat. i could be wrong but i think he even eats it once a day, for health reasons suggested by doctors. i think its ok to eat meat aslong as it wasnt killed specifically for you, but then again meat is killed for the consumer. and if the consumer doeant want...
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    maybe a bit off topic but just wanted to comment on Hitler's karma :) ... even with karma in play, causually effecting our current well being, it doesn not determine what we do at any given time. from what i know, Hitler was abused/beaton by his father, obviously really effecting him, as it...
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    its suprising how deep tolerance can go ..from a larger political/religious world view to tolerating the guy who jumps the queue. its really interesting to see everyones different angles and interpretations of it. people seem to mention tolerance and respect together. i'm thinking maybe...
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    Questions about the Dalai Lama

    hey there is a really good film called 'Kundun' that you might find interesting and helpfull with this. Its about the life of the present Dali Lama from his birth up untill his exile. its very enlightening and very inspirational. and its also just a few years old so it shouldnt be too...
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    Attachment/Non-Attachment and Practice

    interesting points, i think perhaps even though there are monks and nuns who are training their mind so that one day they will be able to help everyone in i suppose the most ultimate way, untill practitioners attain a profound realization of imperminence/non attatchment, such as these, i feel...
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    Attachment/Non-Attachment and Practice

    i really enjoyed reading your post, pathless! i guess basically i believe that attachment is a negative thing, in the sense that in the end it will cause us to suffer, but i dont think that we nessiccerally(sp) need to distant ourselves from the things that we get attached to. there are a lot...
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    daily practise

    thanks for ur post toujour, i see what you mean. sometimes i do find myself having to put twice as much effort in to actuall get my meditation seat, but thats because i know when i actually do sit down everything will be clear and peacefull. i know it'll be worth the effort. thanks again T :)
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    daily practise

    thanks samabudhi that makes a lot of sense, much appreciate the reply :)
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    daily practise

    hey, recently i'v been pondering over daily practice, and what should be practised. i normally wouldn't ask for advice as i tend to just learn from others visually, but i wonder if anyone could help me. i dont really have a set daily practice, so what i focus on each each day/week tends to...
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    hey i'v touched on this topic a few times, but i'v never spent a lot of time studying it. but isnt this also to do with eptiness? i once read that when a being fully realises emptiness, and with it the true nature of pain, even if he is beaten he feels no pain, becasue it does not exist...only...
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    Which religion do you follow?

    hi, i'v put that i follow buddhism, as i find it most right for me. although i wouldnt say that i follow any particular school, mainly because i dont fully understand the divisions, so if i read sometihng i think that i can use, i will, and vice versa. hope that makes sense, peace
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    The laughing buddha?

    thats impressive. i knew briefly about the 'laughing buddha', but had no idea that each statue was a representation of various people. thankyou for the link Vajradhara, very usefull :) peace
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    The laughing buddha?

    vajradhara, you mentioned that you have various statues representing lord buddha and various boddhisattvas ..its made me curious, does that mean that different buddha status represent different buddhist figures? is this right? peace