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  1. Vajradhara

    hello there, friends!

    it's been a while, eh? i hope you are all well. life has changed for me so thoroughly and dramatically that it's hard to recognize the "me" that was here so frequently those few years ago. mostly, i'm just saying hello and that i'm alive. i wonder..... once... a few years ago... i got a...
  2. Vajradhara

    Reincarnation in all religions

    whilst an interesting response... i'm not sure if you're saying this is your belief or what have you... however the Buddha is fairly clear on this point. metta, ~v
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    hmm... well... have you tried the game Civilisation? it's quite enjoyable though not really a game geared towards programming or electronics. i tend to play RPGs and world building/city building games. i like to design things and other times i want to sneak around in the woods and speak Elven :)
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    StevePame has the right of it.
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    Namaste all, perhaps it's odd to come back to this now... however it's been relevant in my own life once more. perhaps it should have been more clear to me that there can be underlying reasons for anger which can be difficult to uncover under normal circumstances. trauma and the way it...
  6. Vajradhara

    How Was Your Week?

    this week.... well.... these past few weeks have been some of the most challenging of the past few years for me. it's hard to say where i am in this storm... so i'd guess this is the eye of it. consequently... i'm just trying to be in the moment and positive in my outlook. i'm doing some...
  7. Vajradhara

    Your Two (Words) Cents Worth Presently

    quantum teleportation
  8. Vajradhara

    Unconditional love

    Namaste all, thank for the interesting question. unconditional love. hmm... let me answer that by relating a situation that find myself in. a former lover had decided to break up with me months before telling me that they were feeling unhappy. we didn't talk about what was going on and...
  9. Vajradhara

    Is there a Self, me and mine? The "ever turn around thread"

    Namaste all, thank you for the post. within the normative Buddhist view the self exists in a contingent manner thus there is a relative self yet no self which is eternally existing, self sufficient from it's own side. the Buddha uses the idea of "the Two Truths" to teach about the relative...
  10. Vajradhara

    Darwins Finches evolve

    ....a decade! goodness! :) you'll have to give me a bit to re-read the thread.... i wonder if i hold the positions, now, that i used to hold then! this is a rather fascinating opportunity :) i hope you have been well :) metta, ~v
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    namaste all, i had resisted joining yet a friend convinced me too and, frankly, i'm glad that i did. when i was about to be homeless a friend in California offered me a couch (really an awful air mattress) to sleep on and so i went there. these days i use it pretty often. most of my friends...
  12. Vajradhara

    your daily Dharma realization

    thank you all for the thoughtful responses. it's not so much that my relationship with my pain is poor (though i always struggle when there is significant break through sort of pain) rather my spinal issues make sitting or anything really... difficult. i can sit for a while and then have to...
  13. Vajradhara

    your daily Dharma realization

    Namaste all, my daily Dharma realization for today is how fragile my emotional state can be when i'm not mindful and grounded. it's easy to lose myself in negative thoughts... more easy than i'd care for honestly. it's been somewhat of a challenge to stay consistent with my meditation...
  14. Vajradhara

    Happy 2017 Everyone!

    Cheers everyone! glad that we're all here and, relatively, sane! :)
  15. Vajradhara

    How Much Learnen Y'all Got?

    Namaste Ahanu, thank you for the response. hmm... i hadn't really thought about that. that does sound intriguing now that you mention it. in some ways, now, it's a combination. my skills are, in a practical sense, 10 years out of date though such things can be overcome that requires a bit...
  16. Vajradhara

    Burning Man

    for the big burn... i would recommend... if people can do it... to attend the first time as a regular attendee... do a theme camp and go mucking about and exploring. attend the next time and be a volunteer. the experience couldn't be more different :)
  17. Vajradhara

    11 years? Really?

  18. Vajradhara

    How Much Learnen Y'all Got?

    namaste all, what interesting responses! i started my formal education whilst i was in the military and they offered classes from the local state university on the base. i studied English and Creative Writing. after i left the military i ended up doing time at a theological seminary and...
  19. Vajradhara

    Burning Man

    as one of the founders of that event you can imagine that i have strongly positive feelings about it all :) i've not been able to attend for more years than i'd like however we're still at the VVMC and all the things are, roughly, how they were. i'm really keen to make it out there for the...
  20. Vajradhara

    A straw poll

    Namaste, i've generally gotten out of the habit of announcing that my views are, in fact, my views and not anyone else's nor should they be taken as authoritative. i encourage everyone to read the original texts for themselves and form their own conclusions. for years, however, i would caveat...